An obsession with the boy

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“6 June 2010 at 16:12

nigel roberts said…

I have attempted to leave a comment on another blog to do with Victor/Craig Ollerton asking him to contact me, he refuses to publish my offer, he has published many comments and innuendos about myself, wife and staff, he knows where I work and live and will not contact me by any means, could you be kind enough to publish this comment for some of your mutual readers to see what an unreasonable boy this person is?
Many thanks in anticipation
Nigel Roberts
12/14 Gloddaeth Street
01492 876316

9 June 2010 at 08:41

nigel roberts said…

I have left further comments on this blog Llandudno asking him to contact me, he has neither published the comments or got in touch, what more can I do.
I can only say to him that it will not just go away as he would perhaps like it to.
Nigel Roberts
Gloddaeth Street,
The above was found in the comments section of a local blog
There’s something about Craig ‘The Boy’ Ollerton that drives Nigel potty!
We do wonder what it was that Mr Ollerton is alleged to have said that Nigel needed to speak to him so urgently about?
Could it have been the TRUTH?

That Mr Ollerton knew the identity of  Oscar?

Is this what triggered Nigel to go marching down to Trinity Square and have David Jones Solicitors send Mr Ollerton a threatening carefully worded letter telling him to back off?

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  1. Again, just to show his fixation on me. When I ran the Llandudno Local magazine, newsagents use to sponsor the mag to stock it on their counters, the rest were spot distributed around the town, hairdressers, dentists, cafes, that kind of thing. I left a pile in Cafe Kava, when I went back in two days later to to see how they were going, they were gone, I thought wow that was quick, so I spoke to Ken who informed me Nigel had been in and took the lot off him. You can bet he’s still caressing them somewhere in his house. The best bit, a photo of one popped up on one of the troll blogs not too long ago and you could make out his shop interior from the photo background. Didn’t do a very good job of cropping the photo did he. Nigel didn’t like me telling ‘all and sundry’ who was running his troll blog, and yes, he even got his solicitor on my back in an attempt to censor me. After all, it was in the public interest, he had plenty to say about his own tenants, Hose from the Cafe Orient putting a photo of his car numberplate up grassing him up for there being no tax, then he’d bad mouth the fruit shop and the butchers, to tittle tattling about Margaret Lyon’s bin collections and windows, libellous comments on his blog suggesting I was stealing money from an Extravaganza stall, then he had plenty to say about Climpsons and Shauns business next door at the Clarence, the Windmills, Mick Creamer, the list goes on and on. Well, the moment he started on me, did he genuinely think I was going to put up with it given how exposed I was as a public figure in the town? He was very mistaken, i’ve not got a bad bone in my body, some of those he accused on there, their may have been some legitimacy but not all, many he chose to pick on were completely innocent. If you’ve plenty to say about people Nigel, why don’t you say it to their faces??? I’ve been to your shop to ask why, you didn’t feel up to talking then? You wanted to take Richie to court, you backed out. You need to grow some balls and face the consequences of your actions. Richie, i’ve been pretty quiet since all this kicked off over a year ago with Nigel being named and shamed in parliament live on national television, and genuinely I have preferred it to stay that way so I can put my energies to good use with studying and my business. For anyone reading this blog, i’m still being hounded, i’m still being libelled and threatened by these people. They will not leave me alone and I have to ask, seriously now, when will all this stop. I’ve really had enough. This is becoming exhausting now, you won’t ruin my life again. I’m so disappointed at the lack of help given by North Wales police, they are an absolute disgrace.

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