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After getting a little side tracked with David Jones MP, Nigel Roberts and Steve ‘Rico’ Davies (the three trolls publishing another troll blog), its back to  C I Jones’ report and David Jones’ Police statement.

David Jones Police statement continued.

The end of page five

The end of page five 

Whats wrong with sending a Christmas card which incidentally was not from me but I do know who sent it? was there anything malicious in it? no.

Jones its no wonder your wife gets upset so easily, living with a misogynist like you cannot be easy! It is clear to see where your preferences lie, after all you and your little band of trolls are constantly fixated with ‘The boy Ollerton’, me and other peoples children.

Page six.

David Jones police statement page six.

David Jones police statement page six.

Paragraph 1.

Jones says I demanded £10.000 and an apology from him, I did not, I served a writ on him which included the figure £10.000.

Jones continues along the similar lines again stressing he never authored that blog, he did, he also tells us his solicitor told me the same, they did, but how would they know that? oh silly me because the ever so honest David Jones MP says so. Jones lies more than anyone person I have ever encountered.

Paragraph 2.

Jones says ‘since September 2014 windmill has maintained a campaign on Twitter against me’ I had not I had maintained a campaign for the truth, as well you know Jones you threatened the local press with ‘Carter Ruck’, if they were to publish the recordings of you and Moore which categorically proved you the author to the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

I still maintain that campaign to this day and will continue to do so until eventually you, Jones are publically exposed for the horrible lying internet troll you truly are.

Jones goes on to say ‘his wife also published illicit recordings of me and Dylan Moore (the correct grammar should be ‘Dylan Moore and I) on you tube. 

The recordings were not illicit, they were covert recordings legally recorded because I believed you to be a liar and to have committed crimes over the internet, and have been proved right, you are a liar and you have committed many crimes over the internet.

Illict: Forbidden by law, rules, or custom

Covert:  concealed; secret; disguised.

Oh and just for the record I recorded those conversations and I published them.

Jones says he reported our activities to Youtube, Twitter, Facebook etc, what he does not tell us is that Youtube has never removed the recordings Facebook did not agree that I was breaking any rules and therefor did not delete my account and Twitter did similar, but surprisingly, at least for Jones, Roberts and Moore, Twitter suspended and consequently removed all the troll accounts ran by Jones, Roberts and Moore.

Food for thought.

The accounts Jones mention were suspended until enquiries were made, all suspensions were lifted apart from @thoughtofoscar and @mrsllandudno, which were proved to have been operated by Nigel Roberts.

Interesting is it not Jones you bloody pervert, that you drag young Craig Ollerton into the fray, you remember him don’t you Jones, he is the ‘boy’ in 2009 that publically accused Nigel Roberts (your friend, client and fellow Freemason) of authoring the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ a blog you previously in this statement said ‘It was common knowledge that Nigel Roberts authored that blog’.

You see Jones this is where liars like you have to be careful, why did your office issue a letter on Nigel Roberts behalf to Craig Ollerton demanding that Craig issue a public apology to Nigel Roberts retracting his accusation that Roberts authored that blog? So come on Jones pray tell us why, especially as you say in this very statement ”It was common knowledge that Nigel Roberts authored that blog’.

It was never common knowledge but you knew full well Nigel was involved with that blog as were you and Moore.

Taking all this into account then I believe it high time you publically apologised to Craig Ollerton and additionally to all the other people you have harassed and defamed via you various troll blogs.

Anyone wishing a copy of that email please apply in writing to this blog.

You also drag the elderly Mr E back into the fray along with Craig, another of your defenceless victims.


Jones goes on to say about him speaking to D S Hanson (his Freemason Pall) on many occasions and how distressing it has all been for your wife and yourself.

We are fully aware of the relationship you share with Hanson, who is as bent as they come, and as for the stress you and your wife have suffered, what about the endless stress and torment you, Roberts and Moore inflicted upon all of us? It never ceases to amaze me how people like you always paint yourselves as the victims when the completely opposite is true.

As for the leaflets which are supposed to malign you and Moore, are they the same leaflets Hanson threatened to arrest me over? of course they are.

The Colwyn Bay Chronical

The Colwyn Bay Chronical

If you care to read these leaflets there is absolutely nothing but the truth published on them, if you disagree then please lets have a public meeting to discuss them and the truth of their content, go on Jones if you are such an honest person that has never had anything to do with that that I accuse you of then lets have a constructive meeting, I challenge you to expose the truth, or you can always sue me.

I will invite you and you fellow authors/trolls on this blog soon, I will provide you with several dates in the hope that you dairy will not be too full, I will advertise the meeting in the press (something you won’t be able to prevent) oh, that will be national as well as local press.

I know this is a waste of my time.

It’s not the first time I have asked for a meeting with you and your collaborators, I asked the same of Hanson, but you all refuse to meet with us, why?

Lets take the bull by the horns, if you have nothing to hide I’m sure you will grab this opportunity to finally put an end to this mess.