The Boy Ollerton

Make up your mind

Another troll caught with their granny knickers down. Re: previous post, my troll fan had published a screenshot of my store with US pricing, this is because when you access Etsy from the USA, your browser prices in dollars, or if in the EU, it would price in euros for example based on IP Geolocation. This information has proved very useful indeed.

The funny part is, today they have changed their mind and insinuated that their screenshot was doctored. Do you really think people are going to fall for that, what a tit.
Anyway, it gets better. As an Etsy seller, the backend of the store gives you so much information about your visitors and where they’ve come from, take this screenshot for example…
And if you have a comprehensive analytics module plugged in like I have, you get all kinds of data like IP addresses and much more. Pretty useless you’d think right? Think again.