Dirty David Jones MP and his police statement continued.

At the end of page six Jones says he had Dylan Moore look into my circumstances, Moore discovered I was a man of no means!! Jones says ‘Otherwise I would have sued him’, him being me, Windmill.

Jones wouldn’t sue me if I was ‘a man of means’, Jones wouldn’t dare face me in a civil or crinimal court, if he did he would have to suffer the indignity of being cross examined, which would ultimately trip him up and expose him for the lying wretch he really is.

Last year Jones not only fabricated the offence for which he is trying to justify, in this pile of crock of a police statement, he also accused me of threatening him for publishing this comment:

The Blue Touchpaper19 September 2015 at 07:59
  • Even more to come. D Day is 1st. November,a massive start to Guy Fawkes celebrations.
    Bangers and Smash.

Apparently this was enough for North Wales Police to arrest me, detain me, search my home and confiscate all my belongings including the belongings of my children.

Its amazing how quick North Wales Police react, when Jones calls.

Since then I have accused Jones of being a wife beater, which is true, a pervert, which is true, possibly a paedophile, which because of his fascination with other peoples children and the hounding of young men like Craig Ollerton, is completely understandable. In addition I have accused Jones of being the worst of liars, which is true, of internet trolling, which is true, of identity theft, which is true, of authoring the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ and other associated troll blogs, which is all true.

Yet for some reason Jones and his Freemason palls in North Wales Police seem reluctant to arrest me, surely they would try to use ‘The malicious communications act’ against me!!!

Unless of course they are still smarting due to the fact they have burnt their bridges when they falsely arrested me on four occasions last year, which I am suing the Cheif Constable for.

The worst of it is I have been denied my day in court to defend myself against the false accusations from David Jones MP, I wonder why?

Page 7.

Dirty David Jones MP & his police statement.

Dirty David Jones MP & his police statement.

Paragraph 1.

Jones claims he spoke to his Freemason Pall D S Hanson to try and get a harassment order served on me, in reply he says Hanson and Walsh had a meeting with me and warned me of my conduct, they did not.

What actually happened was this, at my request Hanson and Walsh met with my wife and I, why? because I was dissatisfied with Hanson’s investigation into Jones’ troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ and wanted to know how he came to the ridiculous decision that that blog and its authors had done nothing wrong.

Hanson agreed to meet us, the meeting was covertly recorded, a recording I am unable to publish until my cases against North Wales Police have been satisfied.

During that meeting Hanson says he is aware of the news letter I had published informing the public of the facts behind the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ blog and the main protagonists behind its authorship, which David Jones MP was without a doubt, one.

Nothing wrong what so ever in that, news papers do it ever day of the week, but our local newspapers had been frighted into holding back because Jones threatened them with ‘Carter Ruck Solicitors‘. which begs the question why didn’t he do the same to me?

Because I have only ever published the truth about him and his perverse little band of internet trolls.

Hanson said ‘I could arrest you’ meaning me, I said ‘why’ Hanson said ‘you have been seen on CCTV distributing those leaflets’, I say ‘what crime have I committed’? Hanson says ‘You are close to crossing the line’, I say ‘so arrest me’.

David Jones points out in paragraph 2 that he was horrified to discover a post I had published about him on 20-05-2015, a post which disclosed the following points:

  1. I say, that Jones had been the author of the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ blog, he says he had not, without a doubt Jones had authored that blog. so point one was the truth.
  2. I say, that Jones had taken dishonesty to a new level, he says he is not dishonest, Without a single doubt Jones is the most dishonest person I have ever had the displeasure of meeting. put aside his lies about not authoring the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ blog and all the terrible lies he published on it, what about fiddling his expenses, or calling a disabled veteran a liar, or saying ‘same sex couples are in capable of providing a safe environment for the raising of children or being caught trolling David Cameron. When it comes to Jones the list is endless.
  3. I say about the time the chief whip took Jones to task about this dishonesty, Jones says he did not because he is not dishonest. Michael Gove took Jones to task about lying about his knowledge of the ‘Oscar’ blog.
  4. I say about him fiddling his expenses to the tune of £81.000, Jones says he did not, he did try to but was forced to pay it back. http://www.dailypost.co.uk/news/north-wales-news/david-jones-mp-forced-pay-3568975
  5. I accuse Jones of using his influence to obtain privalaged meetings with senior police officers, he denies it, yet earlier in this statement he all but admits it.
  6. I accuse him of helping to influence the outcome of legal cases, he did, on more than one occasion.

All of the above accusations by me about Jones, have been proved to be true, Jones is a disgusting, lying, devious, little wretch.

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  1. If all of the information presented and disected in this blog is correct the MP should resign forthwith. How can the populous be represented by such a person?
    If the revelations were untrue, it is a fair bet that the author would, by now, be encarcerated in The Tower and living on bread and water. As such is not the case, and the author is at liberty, one must consider that the evidence would stand in a Court of Law and thereby indefensible. It appears there could be a prima facia case and someone should instigate an action accordingly.

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