Dirty David Jones MP

Dirty Dave’s Official Police Statement.

Page 8.

Dirty Dave's Police statement.

Dirty Dave’s Police statement.

Paragraph 1.

Jones talks about my blogging and revealing his interference in crinimal trials and appeal hearings, he says about Michael Creamers appeal hearing which was point blankly refused by the panel of three judges who were led by Lord Justice Davis.

Jones says he has never met Davis, Jones is a liar, Jones in fact worked along side Davis years ago and both are members of the privy council.

When Mr Creamer went to the high court to hear his appeal, Davis point blankly refused for it to be heard, then somewhat bizarrely came out with the following statement when giving Mr Creamer his explanation for refusal: ‘and anyway your Taxi business was a sham’ (meaning Creamers Cars).

Now why would this supposed impartial Judge say such a thing? it was never said in court during the Creamer trials and had never been said in public other than when it was published on the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, by David Jones MP and Nigel Roberts.

So unless Davis was an avid reader of Jones’ blog, which I doubt, that statement could only have come from Jones.

David Jones is a liar.

Jones says:

‘He (Windmill) went on to say I was the most corrupt and dishonest person he had ever had the displeasure of speaking to’.

I did say that, crime of the century, I have since proved to be correct, Jones is the biggest lying low life scum bag I have ever had the displeasure to meet, he enjoys harassing other people, businesses and especially children on his various social media platforms, anonymously. Jones is a disgrace and should been held accountable for his many lies and internet crimes.

I have not woken up one morning and thought ‘Oh I think I will have ago at that MP for Clwyd West’,

I have. along with many other people, handed undeniable evidence to North Wales Police and the press that proves Jones to be the lying internet troll he truly is.

I don’t express these facts anonymously, (that sort of behaviour I leave to the internet trolls, David Jones MP, Nigel & Wendy Roberts, Dylan Moore, Steve ‘Rico’ Davies, Ruby Williams and Chris Drew)  I write this blog in my own name, the home page of this blog informs the reader why, I know every thing I have said about David Jones MP and his co-authors to the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ troll blog and their other troll blogs, Twitter accounts etc, is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, I just hope I get my day in  court with Jones and his mates.

So to the end of Jones’ statement of lies.

Jones says:

‘I have no doubt that this blog post is intended by Windmill to affect my prospects of retaining the Clwyd West seat, adversely. I am concerned he has committed an electoral offence and given that, at the time of making this statement, the election is only 4 days away, I am particularly concerned that the blog post be removed and that he does not repeat these or any similar allegations’.

If I had wanted to affect Jones’ chance of re-election I would have distributed the following leaflets I had printed way before the electoral period and will most certainly be doing so next election time.

David Jones MP for Clwyd West, an internet troll.

David Jones MP for Clwyd West, an internet troll.

I have never stopped blogging about Jones and his fellow trolls, nor have I ever removed anything I have published, because it is the truth and I will never cease in my attempts to get justice for all David Jones MP’s 42 known victims, why should I?

Because of their involvement North Wales Police cannot be seen to help us the very people that have had crimes committed against them by Jones, Roberts, Davies, Moore Williams and co, for fear of exposure.

North Wales Police will continue to persecute my family and I at the behest of Jones, as long as I continue to expose the truth.

Tomorrow back to C I Jones’ report.