Never give up on a bad thing, if hate is what you got you got the lot.

Nigel ‘the nutter’ Roberts.

Despite trying to fool all and sundry that he Nigel Roberts, publisher of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ along with his many other social media troll accounts, has turned over a new leaf and left his trolling ways behind.

We the collective victims of his evil ways have kept tabs on him.

Over the last twenty one months and since the demise of his troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, Nigel Roberts along with his close Freemason pal and fellow troll the MP for Clwyd West David Jones and eagerly assisted by their expat american connection, Steve ‘Rico’ Davies, have continued to harass and defame members of VOO and their families.

They have no shame and carry on behaving in such a manner with the full knowledge that their Freemason counterparts within the ranks of North Wales Police will serve to continue protecting them.

They have operated the following blogs and twitter accounts purely for the purpose of attacking members of VOO.


  1. Llandudno Malice in wonderland.
  2. Rhos on sea glory lost.
  3. Colwyn Bay, the last stand.
  4. Chronicles of ruination.
  5. CSI Llandudno
  6. Ll…………. ………… this the only one currently in operation, hence me not naming it.

Twitter accounts.

  1. @Seagritter
  2. @WilsonAthol
  3. @Iolomorganwg
  4. @Aberconwy2015
  5. @Ormefoxsteve
  6. @Ormefox
  7. @Pgormellan
  8. @Jslater_slater

Every one of the above accounts and their content were reported to North Wales Police, and North Wales Police said ‘There is nothing we can do’, that’s despite them publically bragging about their new super ‘High Tech Crimes Unit’.

When we realised just how involved North Wales Police were with the ‘corrupt MP David Ian Jones, and their Police informant, Nigel Roberts, we had to accept that any help we were going to receive would come from our own hard work and the help of outside agencies.

North Wales Police and more importantly Sargent Paul Bricknall were forced to investigate the troll blog ‘CSI Llandudno’ ran by Jones, Roberts and Steve Davis, because of the vileness of the content.

Bricknall and North Wales Police said: ‘There is nothing we can do, we have approached Twitter and Google but because they are American company’s and at best hard to obtain information from, we can go no further’.

All this despite their super duper high tech unit.

Strangely when we contacted Twitter and Google the Twitter accounts were permanently deleted by Twitter who informed us that all the accounts were being operated by one person, (Nigel Roberts), this amounted to trolling in the eyes of Twitter! the the ‘unhelpful’  Google closed all but one of the above blog accounts, for the same reason.

We could achieve this but North Wales Police and their high tech crime unit couldn’t.

Bollocks, North Wales Police had and still have no intention of helping us.

So back to Nigel.

The following info has been sent in by a reader.

Nigel has a newish Twitter account that has been rather threatening, in Nigel’s inevitable stupid fashion, @TheNigelroberts. He also has a Facebook account that behaves in a similar fashion, Nigel Roberts and Roberts has a new Blog that shall for the time being remain nameless but is extremely nasty.

We have given up reporting Jones and Roberts to North Wales Police as they clearly will do nothing but we continue to screen shoot their vile behaviour.

Nigel Roberts threatening on Twitter.

Nigel Roberts threatening on Twitter.

You will note the tone of Roberts veiled threats. I am just glad one of our local reporters has stood up to him, well done Tom.

Nigel Roberts threatening on Twitter.

Nigel Roberts threatening on Twitter.

You can see clearly his first two tweets are aimed at TD and imply that TD supplied info to the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, therefor TD should be careful what he says to him, Nigel. A clear Threat.

His next Tweets are a threat against a local copper and his wife, typical behaviour from Nigel.

Now I have no love for coppers, especially after the way North Wales Police have treated my family and myself, but I hate bullies and Nigel Roberts and his mates are the worst of the worst.

Nigel Roberts threatening over Twitter.

Nigel Roberts threatening over Twitter.

Nigel Roberts, David Jones MP, Dylan Moore, Steve ‘Rico’ Davies and Ruby Williams will never give up their vile behaviour over the internet, on the other hand North Wales Police will never act against them, what is going to happen if someone gets hurt or even killed?

One person has already committed suicide because of the threats he received from the authors of the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ troll blog.

That happened before the blog was outed, but if it happens again will North Wales Police continue to protect Jones, Roberts and the rest of their filthy gang. PROBABLY.

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  1. He must have soiled his knickers, where’s boy George and Man Dingo when he needs them, to give him a gummy gums. Talk about spitting his dummy out the pram, threatening to tell ‘all and sundry’ who’s been sending him little love letters over the years. He’s losing it proper this time. Nigel wouldn’t dare! it’s not in his interests, and he knows that. Don’t let this overweight bully walk all over you Tom, good on you fella.

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