D I Jones report continued.

Now I have got ‘Dirty David Jones MP’s’ official police statement out of the way, I can get back to D I Jones report.

Sargent McMahon.

Good old McMahon says Jones’ ‘statement was obtained to try to see what could be done about the blog (meaning this blog) remaining on public view’.

So that one statement brings us back to North Wales Police and their protection of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ and its authors, of which we know Dirty David Jones was one.

Over a seven year period many people complained to North Wales Police, about Jones’ blog, not once did North Wales Police record a full statement or offer to ‘see what could be done about the blog remaining on public view’.

Although the powers that be will tell you Dirty David Jones MP has no influence over certain senior officers within the ranks of North Wales Police, it is clear he does.

McMohan goes on ‘Mr Jones (Dirty Dave) was agreeable with the plan to deal with the author of the blog, a number of days later. Bless him, North Wales Police bend over backwards for Jones, but the rest of us can go to hell.

McMohan ‘believes that senior officers tasked Inspector  Alwyn Williams with bringing forward the planned arrest of Mr Windmill. My My My North Wales Police must have been salivating at the very thought of arresting me, crime lord of Llandudno.

McMohan ‘felt that tactically it would have been better to wait until the following day when the officers who were dealing were back on duty’. McMohan was probably right but senior Officers were jumping to Dirty David Jones MPs’ tune. The same MP they say has no influence over them.

‘McMohan did not have a problem with the legality or necessity for the arrest and does not REMEMBER (there is that word again, it is amazing when North Wales Police Officers who are questioned about their actions or the actions of fellow officers by investigating officers, THEY never remember the important facts, you know those facts that would clearly show, corruption, partiality, improper conduct, unnecessary pressure etc), to make the arrest earlier than planned’.

PC Eirian Pritchard became aware the arrest had been brought forward and she had received further information from Mr Roberts, This being the same lying Nigel Roberts who along with Dirty David Jones had authored the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ over a seven year period, all with the knowledge and protection of North Wales Police. She took a statement from Mr Roberts that detailed further harassment.

Unfortunately its at this point I will publish the statements made by the ever so upright and honest citizen Nigel Roberts, I say unfortunately because as with Dirty Dave’s statement its been done before, but is terribly relevant in demonstrating to the reader just how involved North Wales Police were with that blog and these horrible people

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