The internet troll Nigel Roberts Police Statement.

Nigel Roberts

‘Sandcastles’ Deganwy Road, Llandudno. Internet troll and Police informant.

Sandcastles the home of the poison pen blogger Nigel Roberts.

Sandcastles the home of the poison pen blogger Nigel Roberts.

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Nigel and Wendy Roberts on 27-04-2015 falsely accuse me of harassing them in the street while I was on a walk with my son, they contact David Jones MP’s Freemason palls at North Wales Police (D S John Hanson, Inspector Ian Verburg and Deputy Chief Constable Gareth Pritchard). After making police statements, I am arrested and incarcerated.

Nigel Roberts web of lies

Nigel Roberts web of lies

 Paragraph 1.

It seems I have a new initial, ‘E’, 

Roberts says he is making a ‘formal complaint of harassment by WINDMILL both online and physical, which had recently occurred’.

This is coming from the man that held his hands up to authoring the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ when the blog was outed on 09-09-2014. A blog that complaints were reported about to North Wales Police on numerous occasions between 2007 and 2014, a blog that hounded and maligned many people and businesses during the same period, a blog that ‘Inspector Ian Verburg said he was unaware of and couldn’t do anything anyway as it was written anomalously.

The same blog that in January 2014 PC Cawood informed a complainant the following in this email:

An email from PC Cawood

An email from PC Cawood

Please note paragraph 2.

PC 2941 Cawood says about the complaint: ‘The comments posted by site users are offensive but you are not making a complaint about them’.

So PC 2941 Cawood admits that after consulting with superiors comments sent into the ‘Thoughts of Oscar blog to posts published by the authors/publishers of the blog are offensive. Cawood states that the complainant is not complaining about the users of the blog inferring that if he the complainant were then they ,North Wales Police could act.

The complainant complained about comments published on that blog, all comments were moderated before publication, then published by the authors/publishers of the blog. That then makes them the authors/publishers of the blog responsible, under UK law.

Cawood goes on to say: ‘In addition we have tried and failed in the past to prosecute users of this site but it has been impossible to prove the identity of those responsible’.

Now that is a very powerful admission on behalf of PC Cawood.

  1. North wales police denied knowledge of the authorship behind that blog between  its conception in 2007 and up until the day before its forced closure on 09-09-2014. Something that has been proved to be completely untrue, as this email proves.

    Nigel admits North Wales Police new the truth.

    Nigel admits North Wales Police new the truth.

  2. Nigel Roberts on 09-09-2014 takes responsibility for the authoring and publication of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.
  3. That automatically gave North Wales Police a guilty party , the same North Wales Police force who had said, ‘we have tried and failed in the past to prosecute users of this site but it has been impossible to prove the identity of those responsible’.
  4. So why was Nigel Roberts never arrested, interviewed or prosecuted for his crimes?
  5. Nigel Roberts reports me for alleged harassment over the internet and in person, North Wales Police eagerly arrest me.
  6. Nigel Roberts withdrew his accusations against me for fear of being cross examined and shown to be the liar he is.
  7. North Wales Police did not arrest Nigel Roberts for purging himself and wasting police time, why?

Paragraph 2.

Roberts says: ‘Mr Windmill alleged that I said ‘parents of disabled children were selfish for bringing them into this world as they are a drain on society’. he was unable to substantiate his claim.

Roberts most defiantly did say that, one of the many things I was unable to screen shoot at the time, not realising that Roberts would close his twitter account/blog to all but himself and David Jones MP.

If North Wales Police had acted properly on 09-09-2014 and arrested Roberts once he had taken responsibility for that blog they would have been able to seize his many computers, lap tops, Ipads, Iphones etc, you know like they did to me when I published this comment :

The Blue Touchpaper19 September 2015 at 07:59
  • Even more to come. D Day is 1st. November,a massive start to Guy Fawkes celebrations.
    Bangers and Smash.

I know, unbelievable but because David Jones MP, Nigel Roberts, Dylan Moore and Ruby Williams (all of who authored the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’) said they felt threatened by the above comment, North Wales Police said this was enough to arrest me, seize all my families computers,laptops, ipads, iphones, old VHS cameras, digital cameras, defunct sim cards my children’s toys including an XBOX one, personal mail, and passports.

But then I am neither a Police informant, a Freemason or a bent MP.

So North Wales Police had no interest in pursuing the truth so far as the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar was concerned and its authorship.

Roberts then goes on to state that after he admitted authoring that blog a campaign of harassment started against him, David Jones MP, Dylan Moore and Ruby Williams.


The act of systematic and/or continued unwanted and annoying actions of one party or a group, including threats and demands.

I have no doubt that my persistence in getting the above people brought to justice for their years of internet crimes does in their minds amount to harassment, after all they will see my persistence, as being: unwanted and annoying, but I have never threatened, just demanded the truth.

Where as many people were threatened by the people who authored the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ blog, threats that led to one man taking his own life.

Roberts tells us of his being aware that a criminal investigation had been ordered into his blog, Yet he was never interviewed under caution, the mind boggles, how can you have a criminal investigation into something but not interview the self confessed person responsible, It is completely unbelievable.

When I spoke With DS Hanson & DC Walsh after they concluded their mickey mouse investigation and during a covertly recorded meeting, I asked the question “did you interview Nigel Roberts as part of your criminal investigation into his blog” they replied “No but we did pop round his shop for a cup of tea and a chat”. 


Roberts says “I first noticed what I would deem as harassment when in October 2014 I was informed that Windmill had produced some leaflets and was distributing them around Llandudno, Rhos On Sea and Colwyn Bay, the leaflets were called ‘The victims of Oscar’, and they accused me, Ruby, Dylan and David of trolling on the blog and being in collusion together.




  1. Yes I did produce these leaflets.
  2. They were produced and distributed late November 2014, not October as Roberts claims.
  3. Nowhere on these leaflets does it mention David Jones MP, Dylan Moore or Ruby Williams, More lies from the fantasist Nigel Roberts, in fact these leaflets concentrate more on educating North Wales Police.

Roberts continues, ‘Toward the end of October 2014 I had to seek legal advice as I had received some letters demanding money’.

Once a liar always a liar, I had actually served a legal writ on Roberts as had two other members of VOO.

Please note the date at the top of the legal writ, it clearly was not served on Roberts until December 2014, not as Roberts states, In October 2014. The writ was also sent recorded delivery for which I have the receipt.

Roberts wouldn’t recognise the truth if it waved itself under his big fat pudgy nose.

legal writ

legal writ

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