Chief Inspector Paul Joyce Of North Wales Police.

Head of hate crime.

Chief inspector Paul Joyce is the head of hate crime for North Wales Police, he tells his officers how they should and should not behave when presented with a situation that could be classed as racist etc.

He preaches the same message to people who have been arrested for racist or hateful actions.

He is someone who should lead by example.

He should never compromise himself or his office.

So why does he publish this picture on social media?

Chief Inspector Paul Joyce of North Wales Police.

Chief Inspector Paul Joyce of North Wales Police. 

This is clearly a hateful act against the English, this idiot has gone out to an Iceland store, either stolen or purchased the Iceland bag or maybe used his warrant card to save 5p, wears it, gets his wife to photograph him in all his ridiculous glory, then posts it on his Facebook account, an account that was open for all the world to see.

Ordinarily I would see this as banter, but this is not ordinary, this is supposed to be a responsible person, if he wants to vent his hatred of the English then he should do so in private, not on a social media stage for all to see.

This idiotic man demonstrates yet another example of how North wales Police officers put themselves above the law.

I would encourage anyone reading this to complain about this foolish idiot and his clear racialist statement.

I am Welsh and proud to be so, but people like him are a disgrace to our fantastic peaceful nation.

Sack him.

5 thoughts on “Chief Inspector Paul Joyce Of North Wales Police.”

    1. Could the anonymous person who sent this comment in, be more specific, are you referring to me or him? either way be specific!!!!!!!

  1. you keep hurting them, your asking to be hurt more.
    Nicola has published online your both fraudsters, not nice is it?

    1. I suspect the comment above is from a serving police officer or one our anonymous internet trolls!,regardless it clearly contains a threat against me and mine.
      No bother something I have had to get used to since I have been campaigning for the truth behind the authorship of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ and the involvement of North Wales Police.
      My thanks to Nicola for exposing us of both being ‘FRAUDSTERS’. Fantasists.

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