Nigel Roberts gone again.

Nigel Roberts latest Twitter account has been removed.

I recently blogged about Nigel Roberts trolling local people again on his latest Twitter account, he started to threaten some local journalists, one Journalist in particular that I was incorrectly led to believe supported Nigel Roberts & David Jones MP’s, troll blog, ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, Tom Davidson.

My apologies Tom, I was wrong.

Roberts also started to attack a police officer, who he, Roberts had slated relentlessly on his and Jones’ blog, PC Mike Smith, the same police officer who had once done my family and I a good service.

The only North Wales Police officer I can say that about.

Roberts then went on to threaten PC Smiths wife.

We did not bother to report this to North Wales Police for reasons which by now to my readers are obvious, North Wales Police protect their own and Nigel Roberts is a police grass.

So we, that is to say Mr Llandudno and myself sort the help of an organisation that have helped us in the past with Roberts and Jones’ trolling, Twitter.

Not North Wales Police the very organisation we pay our taxes for, in order to receive their protection from people Like:

David Jones MP & Freemason

Nigel Roberts, police informant  & Freemason

Dylan Moore, bet solicitor & Freemason

Ruby Williams, load mouth trouble maker & Lady (I use that word generously) Freemason

Steve ‘Rico’ Davies, bloated bully, cleaner at the University of California & Roberts and Jones latest, Troll blog publisher.

Chris Drew, ex of the police commission & shit stirrer.

No Twitter, who after a brief investigation concluded that Nigel Roberts was offensively trolling again and closed his account as a consequence.

Just to remind the reader here is the evidence:

Nigel Roberts being challenged about his troll blog 'Thoughts of Oscar'.

Nigel Roberts being challenged about his troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

Nigel Roberts, response is to threaten.

Nigel Roberts, response is to threaten.

Nigel Roberts threatening on Twitter.

Nigel Roberts threatening on Twitter.

There we have it folks who needs the police? especially the corrupt police force we have to endure, NORTH WALES POLICE.