Another threat, yawn yawn.

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The following is a comment which I have published and replied to, as usual the comment is from an anonymous coward who is using a proxy to help avoid detection, the comment is clearly threatening.

The person/persons responsible know if I report it North Wales Police, they will do sod all and if I do not report it then they will merrily carry on with their anonymous bullying.

Personally speaking I won’t report it as it is clearly a waste of my time, but my reason for publishing it is to inform my readership, so in the event of any unfortunate incident being thrust upon me or mine, then this is at least some sort of proof of either police officers bulling or the usual suspects up to their twisted behaviour.

Sargent Steve Carroll!

Mr Tacsi
Awaiting spam checkyou keep hurting them, your asking to be hurt more.
Nicola has published online your both fraudsters, not nice is it?


You will notice how the person/persons responsible have used the ‘Mr Tacsi’ handle, one I use to use on my Facebook page associated with this blog. Typical Nigel Roberts and David Jones MP, territory.

We, that is to say myself and other members of VOO have had anonymous threats sent many times over the last 21 months, threats aimed at trying to keep us quiet, not gonna happen though.

PC 1854 Gary James is a regular anonymous commenter, I wonder just how these sort of threats will bode for North Wales Police when we are finally able to prove the origin of these anonymous comments? something we are currently working on!!!!

As much as North Wales Police will say “There’s nothing we can do because the comments are anonymous”, there clearly is as any of the civilian computer geniuses that work at North Wales Police high tech unit will tell you, North Wales Police just don’t want to act because they are only to fully aware that by doing so they will incriminate themselves.

 So keep an trolling boys.

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  1. The knowledge 1978 is a film title, about cabbies, and one of the main parts is played by no other than NIGEL. STRONG clue there.

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