Nigel Roberts Police statement, continued.

Getting through DI Jones’ report has been taxing but necessary in order that the reader is properly informed of its content, flaws and incredible inaccuracies.

The link below will take you back to where i was before being distracted by other related incidents.

Roberts statement page 3.

Paragraph 1

Roberts tells us that in February 2015 the police investigation into the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ which primarily authored by the MP for Clwyd West David Jones and himself, had been finalised.

Such as that investigation was, lets not forget the investigating officers, DS Hanson & DC Walsh, didn’t even interview the prime suspect ‘Nigel Roberts’, who had taken responsibility for that blog, prior to the criminal investigation into the same, or anyone else proved to be connected to that blog.

How can you conclude a criminal investigation into an obvious crime and not interview the prime suspect/suspects, it’s not possible?

I challenge any police officer not connected to North Wales Police to write into this blog anonymously or otherwise and tell me if you were tasked with the criminal investigation into that blog or any other crime suspected or otherwise, would you refuse to interview the prime suspect? additionally would you seek to examine his/her computers, phones and tablets to gather evidence?

This is more proof of North Wales Police involvement with that blog and it’s authors.

Roberts carries on bleating about my continued Tweets etc that accused North Wales Police of a cover up and informed the public just how corrupt he, Roberts was, that he was and still is a registered North Wales Police informant, just how much harm he had inflicted on other people etc and his continued harassment of members of VOO via his many social media accounts, all of which have since been closed by Twitter & Facebook on account of him trolling.

Roberts says he felt harassed by my actions. oh diddums, did he ever consider the harassment and worry, himself and his fellow authors/trolls inflicted on so many people and carry on doing so to this day? no he did not, Roberts is in my mind a schizophrenic bully with no conscience.

Roberts says ‘I generally believed the whole thing would fizzle out’.

DS John Hanson met with Nigel Roberts, David Jones MP, Dylan Moore and Ruby Williams (all four were mainly responsible for that blog), during his criminal investigation into the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, not to interview them as suspects, as one might believe, no, the meetings were at the request of the lying Freemason MP David Jones, during the meetings they were looking for a way of closing my blog down and shutting me up, I had become a thorn in all their sides including Hanson’s and they wanted me out of the way.

How do I know this? during a meeting with Hanson at my request after his inept investigation he told me, he also said to me ‘I could arrest you’.

Roberts kindly says ‘I informed DC Walsh that I would not pursue a complaint of harassment for this reason’.

Ah bless him how generous, Roberts did not pursue a complaint against me because he quite probably would have had to face me in a court of law and be cross examined!!!!!!

Roberts goes on to say about the time myself and Craig Ollerton went into his shop to buy a newspaper, after all his shop was a newsagents, (why did Roberts not refer to Craig in the same manner he has done for years while he Roberts and David Jones MP enjoyed the sport of trolling Craig?)

The boy Ollerton

The boy Ollerton

the above was taken from one of last years troll blogs operated by Nigel Roberts, David Jones MP and Steve ‘Rico’ Davies.

‘CSI Llandudno’ a blog Nigel Roberts says in this very statement he had never heard of until I mentioned it to him on the 27-04-2015, please remember Nigel Roberts later in this statement says just that, which I will prove.

So why then did Nigel Roberts post this comment on the closed page of his troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’,

seven days before I am supposed to have pointed it out to him and ten days before this police statement.

Closed page of the troll blog, 'Thoughts of Oscar'.

Closed page of the troll blog, ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

The closed page of the troll blog 'Thoughts of Oscar'.

The closed page of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

The closed page of the troll blog 'Thoughts of Oscar'.

The closed page of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

Nigel Roberts is a born liar.

Notice the date of the published comment a comment that can only have been published by Roberts.

Two years ago in my naivety,  I would never have believed any police force could be so blatantly partial/corrupt, let alone our very own North Wales Police Force, a small rural force that one would believe to be far away from the corruption that is often rife throughout inner City much larger Police Forces.

Well the last two years have opened my eyes, what I have seen and had to endure at the hands of North Wales Police has left me and mine with a complete distrust in any police forces or officers, I am appalled that someone like Nigel Roberts can be allowed to lie so obviously in an official police statement and not be prosecuted for it.

I am equally appalled that North Wales Police despite his obvious lies arrested me, detained me and sort to convict me all based on these lies.

The worst thing is they the Police advised Roberts to drop his complaint against me hours before the case was due to be heard, because they knew without a doubt Roberts would be publicly exposed as a liar and their involvement with him, David Jones MP etc and their troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, would also be exposed.

North Wales Police after arresting me, were at first banking on me buckling under interview and admitting to something I clearly had not done, they got that wrong.

Secondly at the pre-trial hearing they tried their best to get me to submit a guilty plea, the court clerk spent an inordinate amount of time explaining the benefits to me if I copped a guilty plea there and then, rather than letting it go to full trial and if I were found guilty getting a much more severe punishment.

Wrong again, I was banking on a full trial, I was after all innocent and a full trial would have proved that and as I have already said exposed Roberts for the liar he is and in addition revealed the obvious police collusion between Roberts etc and his troll blog.

Roberts goes on and on about the terrible things myself and the boy Ollerton  supposedly did to him.

page three from the police atatement of the internet troll Nigel Robertrs

page three from the police statement of the internet troll Nigel Roberts.

Roberts then mentions the news leaflet I produced which informed the public of the truth behind the authorship of the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ troll blog.

The Colwyn Bay Chronicle.

I felt compelled to produce this news letter because David Jones MP had threatened the North Wales Weekly News and the Daily Post with legal action if they published the recordings I had covertly made which completely exposed him, Jones as a major contributor/author to the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

Something which he vehemently still denies.

Jones also used the influence of his Freemason connections to keep the press quiet.

The Colwyn Bay Chronicle

The Colwyn Bay Chronicle

The truth truly does hurt.

Page 4, to follow.

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  1. It really is amazing what power Mr David Jones, erstwhile MP for Clwyd West, seems to have over the North Wales Police and its Senior Officers. Also, no doubt, the new Crime Commissioner. They are at his beck and call, accepting his lies, and having those he does not like arrested on false charges. This is proved by the fact that not one case has gone to trial, or any offence or court verdict being recorded. And Jones is supposed to be a Qualified Solicitor yet he cannot even sort out his own cases. That is probably why he has given up practising and moved into the easy street of politics where he can milk the system for every penny without any great effort needing to be expended. The way things are going that is another job he won’t have after the next election.
    More power the the Windmill’s elbow! Give them your support by expressing your thoughts and opinions in all the Social Media sites you can. This situation needs strong exposure and, more important, ACTION. INNOCENT PEOPLE SHOULD NOT BE PERSECUTED.

  2. Checked some of Jones’s expenses and he is always using first class travel. We also pay for his newspapers and lots of other small items that a normal person would pay for themselves. A real cash cow he has to finance his needs.

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