North Wales Police officers committing fraud.

Coming soon, North Wales Police Officers committing fraud and making libellous comments against local businesses and business men.

For nearly two years this blog and other associated blogs have been battling for the truth, the truth behind the true authorship of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ and the protection that blog received from various senior officers within the ranks of North Wales Police and their associated Freemason connections.

This blog and the blog, have become a thorn in the backside of North Wales Police, little did Chief Constable, Mark Polin realise just how determined we are to get at the truth of an affair that could have been dealt with sensibly by himself and his counter parts.

DS John Hanson in February 2015 offered to us mediation between all associated parties, we accepted his offer, unfortunately the main author for the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’,(the very blog that started all this) MP for Clwyd West David Ian Jones, was to conceited to accept, believing his efforts to remove myself from the equation by helping to instigate false arrests against my wife and I would scare us into silence, NEVER GONNA HAPPEN JONES.

PC Carl Barlow in October last year also offered us the opportunity to mediate in an attempt to put this issue to bed, we accepted his offer, but once again the other parties refused.

I should say at this point these offers of mediation would have been held privately behind closed doors, so a situation like that could only have sought to protect the other parties, keeping the truth of their crimes out of the public domain yet still we would have been content. So why refuse the prime opportunity to put this to bed?

Nigel and Wendy Roberts, the publishers of the blog & registered North Wales Police informants, also declined to mediate, their arrogance second only to Jones.

Dylan Moore, the bent solicitor who is also MP David Jones business partner and acted as a buffer for information between Jones, Roberts and Various North Wales Police Officers to that troll blog, he also declined the opportunity to mediate behind closed doors.

So while the three main protagonists who are the cause of this mess continue to live in relative safety from the truth, who is paying the price? well obviously their many victims, but what must be most worrying for Chief Constable Mark Polin is the continued exposure of corruption and disgraceful behaviour on behafl of many of his serving officers, let alone those that have since retired or been sacked.

These honest and factually  supported revelations have been published both on Mr Creamers blog and this blog.

What the readers of these blogs have so far been presented with is nothing compared to what is coming.

I would suggest that any North Wales Police Officers who have been involved in naughty and unprofessional behaviour hold on to your hats, because YOU COULD BE NEXT.

Just to remind the reader this threatening comment was sent into my blog recently from I believe a serving police officer:

you keep hurting them, your asking to be hurt more.
Nicola has published online your both fraudsters, not nice is it?

This was sent in as a direct result of me publishing this article about Chief Inspector Paul Joyce:

After last years four false arrests against me and one false arrest against my wife,(all of which were proved to be fabricated lies), I have the right to be a little cautious and have the belief that North Wales Police will find a way to stitch me up again in an effort to silence me.

I have said it before, it is truly unbelievable to even comprehend such corruption exists, but it does.

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  1. The comment and threat made, possibly by a seving officer, amazes me, as recently Inspector Kelly Isaccs told a member of the Victims of Oscar group that VIGILANTE TACTICS were frowned upon, and would be dealt with very strictly.
    When are the Police going to police themselves? All North Wales Police Officers should be ashamed to be part of such an organisation.

    I am sure that had vigilante tactics been seriously considered by any member of the Victims group, it would have happened months ago. This tends to indicate the passive nature of the Group and how they are trying to resolve the matter in a sensible and dignified way.

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