DI Jones report, continued.

Where we left off.


Having got Nigel Roberts statement out of the way, I will continue with DI Paul Jones report into my complaints, made against North Wales Police, their officers and the authors of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, but most importantly the MP for Clwyd West David Ian Jones, a proven liar, a person of no conscience, a proven internet troll, a person who derives pleasure from abusing his status as an MP and Freemason to influence members of North Wales Police, criminal trials and appeal hearings.

Would you trust this face?

Look at the natural nastiness he exudes.

MP David Jones Is an Onanist Bloody wierd Internet troll A liar of menses proportions Nasty deceitful retch.

MP David Jones
Is an Onanist
Bloody weird
Internet troll
A liar of huge proportions
Nasty deceitful retch.

Allegation 5 continued.

Nigel Roberts statements about the alleged incident on the 27-04-2015 was apparently enough for PC Kelly Smith to decide an arrest for violent harassment was appropriate, so they, the police could take advantage of section 32 of pace, which allowed them, the police to search my property.

Considering Nigel Roberts statement was full of lies, lies that would and could be easily proved prior to any decision for an arrest and additionally the CCTV evidence clearly vindicated me and proved the Roberts’ to be the aggressors, but North Wales Police over looked these obvious discrepancies and persisted with an arrest against me.

A situation that not only stinks of desperation but also of corruption at the highest level.

Finally in paragraph three I discover that Inspector Emma Naughton was the officer in charge of this mickey mouse investigation and ultimately for my arrest.

Inspector Emma Naughton of North Wales Police. A lying witch

Inspector Emma Naughton of North Wales Police.
A lying witch

Interestingly this is the same officer that we, (VOO) a month earlier, reported the new troll blog CSI Llandudno too, that had suddenly emerged and solely attacked my family myself and other members of VOO.

She seemed very sympathetic which led me to the wrong conclusion that at last we had found an officer who was willing to help us.

How mistaken was I, she and her investigating officer Sargent Paul Bricknell agreed to look into the CSI Llandudno blog, we provided screen shots that accused me of being a paedophile, of grooming my wife from when she was a child of four, of hate crimes aimed at the disabled and homosexual people, of identity theft and some of the most vile comments a person/persons could make against another.

We provided IP addresses, we provided comparisons between comments and posts that were published on the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, and comments and posts published on the troll blog CSI Llandudno, the evidence Naughton and Bricknell were presented with was undeniably  more than enough to arrest Nigel Roberts and the MP David Jones under the miss use of the communications act https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Communications_Act_2003

and malicious communication offences.


In Naughton and Briknells defence, like the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ and in the typically cowardly style of an internet troll, the CSI Llandudno blog was also written and published anonymously.

But we (VOO) had proved beyond reasonable doubt that that blog was published by Nigel Roberts with the help of his long time friend and fellow troll, ex pat Steve ‘Rico’ Davies.

Naughton and Bricknell must have disagreed with the evidence/threshold,  but surprisingly they informed me that they would be inviting Nigel Roberts to Llandudno police station for a voluntary interview under caution, that would at least tell the reader they, the police, knew there was enough evidence to pursue Roberts at the very least. We have no proof that interview ever took place.

Now, despite the enormity of the evidence presented to North Wales Police, they never sort to arrest either Roberts or Jones, they could and should have, they could have used violent harassment over the internet, ( something they later did to me) to search and seizes computers which belong to Roberts and Jones, they, the police would have discovered all the evidence they needed to convict Roberts, Moore, Jones and others associated with their various troll blogs, including serving police officers.

The reader, may ask “how can I be so sure”?

The answer is two fold, first Roberts has been republishing  disgusting posts that he had previously published on the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’,on his new troll blog LL……………blogspot, additionally, he recently made the mistake of tweeting these threatening tweets at some of his previous victims:

Nigel Roberts being challenged about his troll blog 'Thoughts of Oscar'.

Nigel Roberts being challenged about his troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

This Twitter account was recently reported to Twitter who in turn closed it down for trolling.

Nigel Roberts threatening on Twitter.

Nigel Roberts threatening on Twitter.

This Twiiter account was recently closed by Twitter for offensive behaviour, trolling and threats.

So back to their reasons for arresting me for alleged violent harassment, based on a police statement by Nigel Roberts that is full of lies and inaccuracy’s and CCTV evidence which clearly shows the Roberts’ as the aggressors,

I have to keep asking the same question, despite evidence that can only be proved to be the truth, evidence that is extremely damning, why did North Wales Police refuse to arrest Nigel Roberts and David Jones MP?

With a statement full of lies and the above CCTV evidence, North Wales Police said this was enough to arrest me for violent harassment, they used the violent harassment so they could search my property, in the hope of finding evidence that proved me guilty of something, they were not sure what, they were going on the hunch that I was guilty of something, they knew I was innocent of that which the Roberts’ had accused me, but because I had recently  proved beyond any doubt, that the MP for Clwyd West had authored the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, despite his continued lies and denials, David Jones used his influence as an MP and a Freemason to have me arrested. That is the truth of this corrupt state of affairs.

Paragraph four is extremely interesting:

Inspector Naughton

Inspector Naughton

‘She became involved in matters arising from the Oscar blog’ a reference to our complaint about the CSI blog.

‘During this time she recalls interest from senior officers, including the Deputy Chief Constable’ The deputy Chief Constable being Gareth Pritchard, a close friend of David Jones MP and a fellow Freemason.

Deputy Chief Constable Gareth Pritchard . Freemason Liar

Deputy Chief Constable Gareth Pritchard .

How convenient, Jones’ close friend and Fellow Freemason has an eye on things.

This smells even more of corruption.

Pritchard also enquires as to whether ‘she  (Naughton) had enough resources).

Bloody hell it beggars belief, I am accused (falsely as it turned out) of violently harassing Nigel and Wendy Roberts in the street, (despite damning evidence to the contrary), Nigel being the publisher of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, the individual who took full responsibility for that blog when it was forced to close thanks to this House of Commons speech: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-29141800

That troll blog was without any doubt at all authored by David Jones MP, Dylan Moore solicitor and business partner to Jones, several high ranking North wales Police officers and various other associated individuals.

David Jones MP is a friend of Gareth Pritchards, the deputy Chief Constable, he is associated with the Chief Constable Mark Polin, DS John Hanson and Inspector Ian Verburg, all of who are Freemasons.

Little old me is a thorn in their sides because I refuse to let those responsible for that troll blog and other associated troll blogs get quietly away, and in addition there is the involvement of North Wales Police officers and Freemasons.

David Jones made a call to Guto Bebbs office after I exposed his involvement and promissed to have my wife and I arrested and cause as much discord for my family as possible.

I am accused of a very minor offence and suddenly the highest ranking Officers in North Wales Police are taking an avid interest and inquiring as to whether or not Naughton had enough resources? what was I? the head of a bloody international drug cartel.

How many non serious/serious complaints do North Wales Police receive annually? How many of those complaints get the attention of the most high ranking police officers within North Wales Police?  How many of those complaints are offered all but unlimited resources?  Nigel Roberts alleged complaint of violent harassment by me, received more attention from the two most senior officers than any other complaint of a similar nature has ever recieved and is allotted more than enough police resources?

How much did the police operation to arrest me for alleged violent harassment cost? How much did the court cases cost? How much did it cost to keep me on bail between 05-05-2015 and 29-07-2015?

Why were Nigel and Wendy Roberts never arrested for lying in their respective police statements?

Why were they never supenered to appear in court when they withdrew their complaints against me hours before the case was to be heard?

This stinks of Corruption.

This was apparently according to Naughton ‘a high profile case’.

Not high profile enough to force my accusers to appear in court and swear on oath their allegations against me, then face cross examination!!

High profile What? A false allegation of violent harassment. Simikar allegations are received regularly in one form or another by officers of North Wales Police, all of which have never before been classed as high profile, but because of the involvement of a proven internet trolling MP, David Jones, a former newsagent who has since been proved to be a North Wales Police informant, Nigel Roberts and fellow Masonic Police Officers.

This becomes high profile.

Again this stinks of corruption.