DI Jones report, continued.

Paragraph 4.

In my last post I concentrated on Inspector Emma Naughton, the assistance she received from both the deputy chief constable and the chief constable of North Wales Police and all for a fabricated claim by Nigel & Wendy Roberts that I had confronted them in the street, something which Emma Naughton classed as violent harassment.

Violent harassment:

Putting people in fear of violence.

(1)A person whose course of conduct causes another to fear, on at least two occasions, that violence will be used against him, (The one and only time I have come into contact with Nigel and Wendy Roberts was on the 27-04-2015, the time they accuse me of confronting them in the street, an accusation that was proved false by the CCTV evidence alone)(so under section 1, I could never be charged) is guilty of an offence if he knows or ought to know that his course of conduct will cause the other so to fear on each of those occasions.

(2)For the purposes of this section, the person whose course of conduct is in question ought to know that it will cause another to fear that violence will be used against him on any occasion, (at no time during the one occasion that I was unfortunate enough to be confronted by the Roberts’, as already mentioned, was my behaviour or body language threatening, as is proved by the CCTV evidence) (so I cannot be charged under section 2) if a reasonable person in possession of the same information would think the course of conduct would cause the other so to fear on that occasion.

(3)It is a defence for a person charged with an offence under this section to show that—

(a)his course of conduct was pursued for the purpose of preventing or detecting crime, (this blog alone demonstrates my efforts to rid this area of the internet trolls, MP for Clwyd West David Jones, Dylan Moore, Nigel & Wendy Roberts and their associated accomplices and is my defence in it’s self, I do not hide behind anonymity and clearly state my intentions on the home page of this blog)

(b)his course of conduct was pursued under any enactment or rule of law or to comply with any condition or requirement imposed by any person under any enactment, or

(c)the pursuit of his course of conduct was reasonable for the protection of himself or another or for the protection of his or another’s property. (Having had to put up with Nigel Roberts disgraceful comments about me and my family on his troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, his advertising of our home on the same, his lies about my sexuality, his hate comments about my disabled son and his disgusting comments about my wife, I am more than correct in my actions when it comes to this final point)(North Wales Police ignored the law that dictates this offence in an effort to arrest me and prosecute me, a prosecution that never happened as I was clearly innocent).

For the benefit of Inspector Naughton, PC Kelly-Smith and PC 1854 Gary James the definition of violent harassment under UK law is above. 

Inspector Naughton continues to comment on the interest in this Horrendous case, by the second highest ranking officer in North Wales Police, Deputy Chief Constable Gareth Pritchard, she says: ‘the interest from the DCC was supportive, such as inquiring as to whether she had enough resources’ i FIND THIS INCONCEIVABLE, why would the DCC, let alone the CC of North wales Police take such an avid interest in one of the most minor offences a person can be accused of? especially when you take into account what the author of this report DI Paul Jones says when I accuse the MP and Freemason, David Jones, of having influence over senior North Wales Police Officers who are also fellow Freemasons. “I can find no evidence of influence by David Jones MP, in the decision making by senior officers of North Wales Police”.

BULLSHIT, it is clearly obvious David Jones MP, the corrupt little weasel, has had an immense amount of interference/influence in the decision to arrest me, why would his good friend and fellow Freemason DCC Gareth Pritchard take such an avid interest in such a minor offence and all but offer Inspector Naughton extra resources, it is unbelievable.

Why are North Wales Police Officers such liars?

Naughton continues to say, “the DCC never dictated what would happen or when and was never overbearing or untoward”. this statement is extremely interesting, In my complaint to DI Jones I only ever mentioned that I believed David Jones MP had influence with officers such as DS John Hanson, also a fellow Freemason, I never mentioned the two most senior officers, but it appears they were extremely interested.

Paragraph five.

“Inspector Naughton had oversight of various investigations involving Mr Windmill both as a victim and as a suspect”, this implies that I was a suspect in more than one suspected crime, well that’s news to me, at that time I was the chief suspect in the dastardly crime of a public order offence, all based on fabricated evidence of the known liars and police informants Nigel and Wendy Roberts.

Naughton continues: “the arrest was brought forward, (my arrest), due to the time critical nature of the conduct in question”.

To explain, if the reader has not been following my publication of this report from the beginning the reader would rightly be unaware of my additional arrest made the same day as my arrest for alleged violent harassment.

David Jones MP had accused me of breaking section 106 of this law: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Representation_of_the_People_Act_1983 by publishing this honest and entirely factual post about him on my blog on the 02-05-2015, during the electoral period: http://conwyllandudnoblog.co.uk/2015/07/31/corrupt-mp-or-not/

Whats is most interesting are these few points, first, its all factual, second what I state in my post had already been said publicly before, third North Wales Police failed in their duty to study the law in question and particularly this one point: Section 106 makes it illegal for any person to publish any false statement of fact in relation to the candidate’s personal character or conduct, unless he or she can show that he had reasonable grounds for believing that statement to be true.

In my defence I had more than enough reason to believe what I had written and said to be true, but North Wales Police choose to ignore that fact.

North Wales Police had never heard of the above law before, by their own admission, they only became aware of it when good all Freemason MP David Jones pointed it out over the phone to his close friend and fellow Freemason DCC Gareth Pritchard, in turn Pritchard instructed a junior officer, in this PC Carl Barlow to obtain a statement from Jones, then he instructed DCI Davenport to bring my planned arrest for the public order offence forward by one day, as David Jones MP was concerned I had affected his chances of re-election.

This is the same MP that DI Paul Jones, in this report states that: “I can find no evidence of influence by David Jones MP, in the decision making by senior officers of North Wales Police”.

It strikes me that to be a police officer you must have the ability to lie with ease and without fear of consequence.

Paragraph six.

DCI Davenport said the issue was discussed in the morning briefing, (the issue being my arrest being brought forward), The DCI felt the arrest should be made as soon as possible due to the risk as identified by the currant threat assessment!! Bloody hell what threat assessment? there was no threat assessment because there was as I have already proved no threat, what was I? a bloody armed robber.

The only reason my arrest was brought forward was because of the interference/influence by/of the MP David Jones, the same MP that had previously telephoned Guto Bebbs office and promised amongst other things to have me arrested, all because I had obtained a recorded conversation the proved him, Jones, to have been an author of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

Why should David Jones MP be allowed to get away with the dreadful things he falsely accused people of (using anonymity) on his troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’? if it had been you or me behaving in such a dreadful manner we would have been arrested, charged and imprisoned.

David Jones MP and North Wales Police, blatantly make a mockery of the law and expect ordinary folk like me to sit back and take it, well bugger them, I will never stop this fight because I know I am right, someone has to make a stand and fight for the ordinary, hard working people.

It’s funny now when I think back, early last year in a conversation outside Guto Bebbs office, Bebbs PA Barbara Baldon warned me about Jones, she said: “Be careful of David Jones he has his fingers in a lot of pies and influence over a lot of people” (recorded), I should perhaps have heeded her warning, but I will and never be put off by corrupt, weak individuals and bullies no matter how much influence they may have.

DI Paul Jones continues to say: “an arrest would enable bail conditions to be applied which would give a degree of control in managing the risk” there’s that word again, ‘risk’, what risk? there was never any risk, North Wales Police knew they could never charge me, unless I confessed during my police interview, which was held 15 hours later, hoping I was tired and frustrated at being incarcerated for so long. The interviewing officer PC 1854 Gary James was a complete idiot, a child would have done better, so the interview became a cause of amusement for me and when finally I was released without charge, PC James had to drive me home, although I felt sick during that journey because of both his driving and his company I enjoyed watching him squirm.

Bail was the only way they could keep me on a leash, but it did not prevent me from continuing my campaign for the truth, behind the authorship of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ and the involvement of North Wales Police.

‘The DCI felt that the circumstances amounted to harassment with fear of violence’ No they did not, that was the only way North Wales Police felt they could legally arrest me and search my home, on paper at least.

I have all ready proved there was never any threat of any sort and North Wales Police knew that, they were more concerned about their involvement with the troll blob ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ being made public and in addition protecting their police informants Nigel & Wendy Roberts, the corrupt MP David Jones and the influence of the Freemasons, that is the truth of the matter.

Don’t forget North Wales Police have previously had to answer for their involvement with Freemasonry and its influence over the protection of Freemason high ranking paedophile police officers:




‘Once the arrest had been made and it came time to interview Mr Windmill, (fifteen hours later), PC Gary James was selected to conduct the interview’. I have just covered that whalley.

‘Mr Windmill has stated his belief that David Jones, Nigel Roberts and PC Gary James are all Freemasons’ they are and this is easily proved, it is interesting that none of the three denied being Freemasons.

That last paragraph covers the usual denials etc.

Continues tomorrow.