PC 1854 Gary James.

When a plod takes his work to fantasy land.

PC 1854 Gary James of North Wales Police.

PC 1854 Gary James of North Wales Police.

PC 1854 Gary James, not only is he a proven liar but I think this boys got a bit of a psyche issue.

My last post concentrated on ‘Jacques Clouseau’, AKA PC 1854 Gary James, to an extent I was loathed to use the great Peter Sellers character, Jacques Clouseau, as Sellers was a great man and his character completely wonderful, but in the end a crap copper, the later sums James up perfectly.

While researching James for my last article I came across this below!

He seems obsessed with his chosen career to the point that all his does is play childish games on line.

Now to me that seems somewhat disturbing, especially when you note the titles:

Can someone at North Wales Police please find PC James some productive work as playing children’s games appears to be his priority, I would put money on him playing when he is on duty, if not his personal/home life must have taken a nose dive.

PC 1854 Gary James, the criminologist.

PC 1854 Gary James, the criminologist.

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5 thoughts on “PC 1854 Gary James.”

  1. funny, 🙂 reminds me of something my son said, I asked him if he wanted to be a policeman when he grew up like his corrupt dad, NO he said, I couldn’t sit at a desk all day surfing the computer 🙂 shame, I would have hoped my son would have given back to our police force an element of goodness , and become a good cop. God knows we are certainly lacking in that department

    1. Thankyou for bringing this to my attention Mary Ellen/or who ever you are. Just to help clarify things, 1, I am not an anonymous blogger, 2, this blog is dedicated to the exposure of the real authorship behind the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, and the involvement with that blog by North Wales Police Officers, as per the home page, 3, I do not stalk, harass or threat, I merely expose the truth and in this instance PC Gary James is part of that eventual truth. 4, Not one person mentioned on this blog is mentioned for any other reasons then their connection with the fore mentioned troll blog and or corrupt behaviour on part of their employment. 5, I should add I do not do drugs either.
      Once again I thank you for your comment and bringing to my attention the article in the Daily Post.

  2. Did you know that Gary James is a member of the funny handshake gang? Yes, that’s right the Freemasons, is this why he was ‘chosen’ for the job of interviewing you?

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