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My family and I were subjected to horrendous abuse by the authors of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, a blog that was forced to close because of this House Of Commons speech:

As a consequence of the blogs closure and in the knowledge that I had proof of involvement by North Wales Police and the MP for Clwyd West, David Jones, with that blog, I set up this group:

The group very quickly grew from six members to 42, all of who had suffered at the hands of that blog, many of who reported their complaints to North Wales Police, who in turn re-buffed those complaints in the same manner, exclaiming they knew not of the blog and if they had had any knowledge they could do nothing as it was written anonymously.

In November 2014 I obtained 2 covertly recorded meetings that proved the MP David Jones had been a regular contributor to that blog despite his public denials:

I also obtained e-mails that proved North Wales Police were fully aware of the blog and its authorship: and this email sent to a member of VOO:

As a direct result of my actions David Jones contacted his counter part Guto Bebb, who at the time was acting for VOO, Jones promised to have my wife and I arrested and to cause as much harm as possible to my family.
Last years I was arrested four times and my wife arrested once, our home was raided by North Wales Police and our goods confiscated including children’s toys, all arrests amounted to NFA, as the accusations against us were fabricated, we are now suing North wales Police:
I have given you a brief insight to a very messy story that centre’s around, North Wales Police, David Jones MP, Nigel Roberts and the Freemasons.
Everything I have said is supported by irrefutable evidence, please do not hesitate to contact me if you  require further information.