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Putting things into perspective.


A serving police officer has been jailed after having sex with a child rape victim he met online.

PC James Evans, 26, who served in the Metropolitan Police, exchanged dozens of “sex talk” messages with the vulnerable 15-year-old schoolgirl on the Tinder dating app.

She performed a sex act on him in his car while he was driving her home from a session with child mental health services.

Despite knowing she was under 16 and a rape victim, he later took her to his flat in Ruislip, west London, where they engaged in full intercourse.

Evans, now of Pontypridd , was sentenced to four years’ imprisonment at Isleworth Crown Court on Tuesday and will be on the Sex Offenders’ Register for life.

PC James Evans was jailed at Isleworth Crown CourtPC James Evans was jailed at Isleworth Crown Court
Judge Robin Johnson said: “Before any sexual activity you knew she was a vulnerable young girl. Nevertheless, you allowed your own desire to overcome your better judgement.

“The reason why Parliament and the public take this kind of offending so seriously is because the harm caused in these cases is incalculable.”

He added: “You were a serving police officer and knew you were dealing with a young vulnerable girl – because of her previous sexual assault she was receiving mental health treatment at the time.

“Her victim impact statement makes for sad reading, and I have no doubt this episode has caused her serious psychological harm.”

Evans and the girl “matched” on Tinder in January 2016 and engaged in sexual activity on three occasions during the same month.

Michael Creamer gets four years two months.

Anita Creamer gets two years.


Both were convicted of mortgage fraud, there were no victims, there were no moneys owed and nobody or business suffered any loss or harm.

Mr Creamers mortgage company, The Halifax, accidentally paid him twice £20,000 for moneys owed, Mr Creamer noticing their mistake immediately paid them their money back.

Where is the perspective?

Where is the perspective between these two crimes and the sentences received?

North Wales Police for years have hounded MR Creamer, once he got married and had a family they hounded his wife and children, why?

In my humble opinion North Wales Police from the beginning took an instant dislike to Mr C, he and his family had moved to North Wales when he was a young boy, coming from the city Michael and his siblings were perhaps a little more boisterous than some of the locals, the police did not like the fact that the young Mr C, would stand up for himself if he believed he was right.

They, the police started to harass him from the age of 15, all this is recorded and documented on his blog, http://michaelcreamervsthemob.co.uk/

Mr and Mrs Creamer have successfully sued North Wales Police for their unlawful actions against them.

North Wales Police couldn’t have that, so they set about finding a way of convicting the Creamers of something come hell or high water.

Enlisting the help of their corrupt Freemasons colleagues, such as the MP for Clwyd West David Jones, North Wales Police were able to manipulate the justice system to their own ends.

Mr & Mrs Creamer are the only people to be convicted of mortgage fraud and a victim-less crime in modern UK history to receive such harsh sentences.

On the other hand a police officer convicted of rape gets a moderate sentence, promised open jail and time of to be with his family.

It is no wonder the public are fed up with the unjust way sentences are handed down, faith in our police forces is at an all time low, corruption between the police, Freemasons and the justice system is out of control.

Its us that suffer.

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  1. PC James Evans, needs castrating as do all people who act as he did. Cut his balls off and prevent him repeating his fowl act.

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