Three days.

How much the cost of deceit?

From an outsiders point of view, some must understandably see me as being slightly obsessed with the MP for Clwyd West, ‘David Jones’, his involvement with the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ & his devious ways of dealing with people like me, when exposed for his disgraceful internet behaviour amongst other things.

This is a person of some standing in our community, a person who has held his constituency seat for over ten years, a period of time that would suggest he is doing something good, something right, something beneficial to his local community & in the minds of his loyal constituents, someone they want to keep in place.

A person to who, if one did not know better would deserve a decent level of respect.

Jones has been privileged to represent the whole of Wales as Welsh Secretary, (a position which was promptly taken from him!), why was he speedily removed from such an important ministerial position?

If we research the period of time for which he held that position we could be forgiven for thinking his prompt removal down to a few serious and extremely embarrassing gaffs. For example, the time he went on national television and claimed that persons in a same sex relationship are incapable of providing a safe healthy environment for the raising of children, a statement which beggars belief.

Then there was the time he accused a disabled veteran of being a labour activist and a liar, the man in question had fought for the UK and like many veterans disabled or otherwise had been forgotten and hung out to dry by the government that used his services in the protection of our sovereign state.

Understandably we can assume that these two serious gaffs were more than enough for the prime minister, (David Cameron) to remove him from office.

David Jones has a more seriously disturbing side to his  dismissal, something he has managed to hide from the media, what?

It could be that the prime minister had been made aware of his anonymous internet trolling, a life style Jones has enjoyed for the last eight years, writing offensive posts for the now defunct troll blogs ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ and CSI Llandudno, anonymously.

Some Politicians have become infamous for their perversions, only recently Labour MP Kieth Vaz was exposed for his lust for young rent boys, something that does not bode well with the electorate.

So what is Jones trying to hide?

I’m not obsessed with Jones, but I am obsessed with the truth.

3 thoughts on “Three days.”

  1. Your just a useless inadequate man who wouldn’t recognize the truth if it hit you in the face.
    We all by now know if you had anything of any value the people you refer to would have taken you to the cleaners, but seeing as you have nothing what good would that do?
    Your a complete waster who wastes anybody who will listen to you’s time.
    I see your in cahoots with the Creamers, no need to say anymore.
    Take a tip, make your family proud of you.

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