Part 4


Twice we, VOO have been offered mediation by North Wales Police, twice we accepted, twice David Jones MP, Nigel Roberts & Dylan Moore refused.

February 2015

After DS John Hanson concluded his ridiculous attempt at investigating the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, an investigation that bizarrely was conducted without the inclusion of the arrest and subsequent interview under caution of the self confessed author to that blog, Nigel Roberts.

I contacted Hanson and asked to meet with him.

A reminder

Just to remind ourselves it was PC Cawood of North Wales Police, that said this in an email to one of that blogs victims in January 2014: ‘In addition we have tried and failed in the past to prosecute users of this site but it has been impossible to PROVE the identity of those responsable’.

That one single admission says that, once the people responsable were identified then North Wales Police would prosecute, so why didn’t they after 09-09-2014 when Nigel Roberts said publicly ‘I and I alone am responsable for the publication of the blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

We know the answers to that very important question.

  • Nigel Roberts is a police informant.
  • David Jones MP authored much of the blog anonymously and used his Freemason contacts in North Wales Police to provide protection for the blog.
  • Dylan Moore co-authored the blog.
  • North Wales Police used the blog for intel purposes and as a tool for the besmirching of various local individuals they sort to convict.
  • In 2010 the blog was used by North Wales Police to publish despicable lies about MR and MRS Creamer before and during their trials at Mold Crown Court, lies that they the Police knew the jury would read despite the judges instruction not to read the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ blog, this ultimately had a negative effect on the minds of the jurors and helped convict both MR & MRS Creamer.
  • If North Wales Police had investigated  that blog properly, as they should have, they would have easily convicted at the very least Nigel Roberts, exposed David Jones & Dylan Moore’s involvement and ultimately their own involvement which would have then given MR & MRS Creamer the right to appeal their sentences, an appeal they would have undoubtedly won.
  • All the victims of that blog and its authors would have been able to instruct solicitors to file law suits against the Chief Constable, Mark Polin, for who the repercussions would have been hugely damaging, both to him and the force.
  • North Wales Police could not afford to let that happen, but in time it will.

The meeting

My wife and I met with Hanson and his DC, Chris Walsh, at the old Llandudno Police station in February 2015.

During the meeting I asked Hanson various questions as follows:

  1. “Did you interview Nigel Roberts, under caution or otherwise”. His answer, “no but we popped round to his shop and had a chat and a cup of tea”. I could not believe what I had just heard, after all this was a criminal investigation and Roberts had confessed to being the sole author.
  2. “So you never felt it necessary to interview Nigel Roberts, despite this admission by PC Cawood”, and I showed Hanson the following email.
    An email from PC Cawood

    An email from PC Cawood

    In response to the email Hanson said nothing, just shrugged his shoulders.

    3. “The blogs authors stated that parents of disabled children were selfish to bring them into this world and that the children were a drain on society”.

    We have a disabled child and found this very upsetting and grossly offensive, DS Hanson’s reply in response was “well that may have offended you but others reading it may not have found it offensive”, “so we can do nothing”.

    4. I went on to present another comment made a minimum of two times and aimed at a local gay man and a taxi driver, “this guy needs a cap up his arse” (this is a homophobic hate comment).

    DS Hanson’s response was, “well that’s not really relevant and might only be offensive to you, therefore not reaching the threshold”.

    Is DS Hanson implying then that if you call a gay man a ‘homo’ or a ‘bender’ then that’s ok because only he might be offended.

    Or is ok to call a black man a ‘Nig Nog’ or a ‘Darky’ because only he or other black people would be offended.

    What happened to the rights of gay people and disabled children? In the case of this blog and its authors?

    Hanson offered us the chance to meet and mediate with the other partys to help put this affair to bed, we accepted, they declined.


North Wales Police have conducted a huge cover up and clearly believe we are all idiots and will just disappear, they are wrong.

The recording of that meeting cannot be published until the civil cases we have lodged against North Wales Police have been concluded.

October 2015

PC Carl Barlow attends my home, he is the investigating officer into David Jones MP’s latest attempt to have me falsely arrested and charged, claiming I had caused him and his co-authors to that blog to be in fear of harm because of this comment I published on my blog.

The Blue Touchpaper19 September 2015 at 07:59
  • Even more to come. D Day is 1st. November,a massive start to Guy Fawkes celebrations.
    Bangers and Smash.

Seven weeks after this ridiculous unsubstantiated claim, the CPS declared NFA.

PC Barlow offered us the chance to meet with Jones etc and mediate, we accepted, Jones etc refused.

August this year

I contacted the Chief Constable by letter requesting that North Wales Police contact David Jones MP, Nigel Roberts, Dylan Moore and RW to try and arrange mediation between them selves and  six members of our group (VOO), behind closed doors at NWP HQ in Colwyn Bay, a meeting that would have been in the best interests of the fore mentioned and North Wales Police, a meeting that we would have been happy to walk away from with an apology, under the circumstances, not a lot to ask for.

A letter to Mark Polin

A letter to Mark Polin



This is the reply I received from the DCC Gareth Pritchard, you may note his attempt at getting me to drop my complaints against North Wales Police so that my request for mediation may proceed.


My Reply back



Their reply


The follow up




So there we have it, Voo, although the victims in this case, have tried in vain to get the parties responsable for so many lies and so much discord to privately apologise so that we can move on with our lives, but typically for people with no moral character or conscience they decline an offer that would have allowed them two walk away from their disgraceful and illegal behaviour without the consequence of public exposure.

This, the ‘Thoughts of Oscar affair was brought about by four nasty, vicious, greedy, people, David Jones MP, Nigel & Paul Roberts and Dylan Moore.

All four of these people have enjoyed their perverse behaviour and apart from the late Paul Roberts the other three continue to attack members of VOO at their will and with no fear of prosecution from North Wales Police.

So far the remaining three have avoided any responsibility for the crimes they have committed, in fact ironically it is North Wales Police who are the butt of two law suits, brought about by the deceitful actions of David Jones MP and DS John Hanson, who conspired to have me arrested my home raided and my wife arrested and carted of in front of our children, these two people along with Nigel Roberts and Dylan Moore walk free, but not for long.

David Jones is to be publicly exposed for the horrible little pervert he is.

Coming soon.

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  1. Richie, Jones must feel awful when these embarrasing facts are published online for all and sundry to see. Be it his family, friends, even his fellow MP’s reading about him. God knows how he keeps a straight face out in the public now. But wait one minute, just one minute now, maybe Jones should reflect how awful the victims of the Thoughts of Oscar blog felt when nothing but lies, gossip and innuendos were published about them on that vile troll blog which he appears to be blatantly associated with in one way or another. The blog called a vast mixture of people all things under the sun without any evidence to substantiate those comments made, all run anonymously for several years by a bunch of cowards. The authorship of the Thoughts of Oscar blog often flattered themselves as having skin as thick as an elephant, yet ever since Bebb exposed the lot in the House of Commons there’s been nothing but a trail of elephant dung left behind them ever since, and it STINKS! Jones can deny his involvement all he likes, but he cannot deny the fact that his co-worker was blatant about having knowledge of Jones’s involvement with Oscar Blog through the recordings you have published, and then there is the rest. Shame on him and anyone associated with Nigel Roberts and that blog.

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