The cowards way

The anonymous cowards David Jones MP and his Freemason palls Nigel Roberts & Dylan Moore.

For the life of me I do not understand how anyone let alone grown men can behave the way David Jones, Dylan Moore and Nigel Roberts continue to do.

Jones is an MP of ‘some standing’, mainly down to his masonic connections and he has held his Clwyd West seat for eleven years.

Dylan Moore is nothing more than a snake clinging on to Jones’ shirt tails.

Roberts on the other hand is a retired Newsagent/teddy bear seller who has benefited from his 30 year relationship with Jones, unlike Jones, Roberts has no ‘standing’ in the community and is hated for his police informing, his unsavoury attitude to past female employees and the use of his huge frame to intimidate various young men who he has fixated on over the years.

David Jones, Dylan Moore and Nigel Roberts were responsible for the authoring and publication of the anonymous poison pen style troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, for years they conducted a campaign of harassment, stalking and defamation against local businesses, gay people, disabled people, children, political opponents, councillors, local residents who stood up to them and young men.

Jones, Roberts and Dylan Moore avoided prosecution when their blog was finally forced to close after being exposed in a House of Commons speech made by Guto Bebb MP, their avoidance against prosecution was orchestrated by their Freemason colleagues, DS John Hanson and DC Chris Walsh of North Wales Police who were conveniently put in charge of the criminal investigation into that blog.

Since then David Jones MP and Nigel Roberts have conducted a campaign of harassment against me, Jones has conspired to have me illegally arrested on four occasions and both he and Roberts have opened numerous anonymous blogs and Twitter accounts to attack my family and myself.

In addition Jones and Roberts send anonymous disgusting comments into my blog, normally they attack my wife and children and every now and then put in a fictitious accusation to feed their fire.

In the past I have posted about these comments and published the comments on the post, not anymore. all that serves to do is feed their twisted mentalities, I will always keep the comments until the day comes that David Jones is publicly humiliated, he will drag his silly small minded minions down with him and I will provide all those comments for publication.

David Jones, Nigel Roberts, Dylan Moore and the North Wales Police officers I have mentioned will all face the cosh sooner or later, these people are bent horrible liars with a much more devious secret that they do not want exposed, but as in the case of Gordon Anglesea they will be outed.

The ramblings of a fool! maybe.

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  1. Remember, remember The Fifth of November! Have a safe one. Was it Nigel, David and Dylan who got the Town Council to cancel the Fireworks Display that is always welcomed by everybody? Probably, just in case they were the Guys.

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