Smash & Grab

Gregory Narey, owner of Gregory’s and friend of the authors behind the poison pen blog, ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, gets an unwelcome visit.

Gregory’s Jewellers on Mostyn street in Llandudno was raided yesterday, thankfully no one was hurt.

Although I can never condone violence or any act of criminality I feel that Karma has played its part.

Mr Narey was a huge supporter of the poison pen troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, he is close friends with both Nigel Roberts and David Jones MP, both of who authored that vicious blog, he is also a fellow Freemason.

North Wales Police to date have refused to take any action against the horrible people responsable for that blog, they have sort only to protect them and hide their own involvement with that blog, they have never acted for the 42 known victims of the blog and to this day have sort only to persecute people like my family and I for taking a stand against David Jones MP, Nigel Roberts, Dylan Moore, North Wales Police Officers and other people associated with that twisted anonymously written blog.

I am a great believer in the old saying, ‘what goes around comes around’, if you like Karma!

Over the last year Nigel & Wendy Roberts have suffered the humiliation of having their personal vehicles, personalised for them.


Both Nigel and Wendy spent years as North Wales Police informants as well as authoring/publishing the poison pen style troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar” one can only assume that they were gifted such a radical makeover because of their nasty internet actions against other people and their snitching to the police.

Dylan Moore also suffered the public humiliation of having his soft top improved accordingly,  his nasty behaviour and the lack of help from North Wales Police for his victims, must have been what prompted such action.


Now Gregory’s has had a visit, I have to wonder whether that visit was a result of Gregory’s support for that troll blog and his Freemason assisted protection of the same.

David Jones MP, the biggest pile of excrement of them all has so far avoided any recriminations for his years of anonymous troll blogging, his involvement in false arrests and his damn right nasty ways. He has benefited from the protection of fellow Freemasons both within North Wales Police and the local press.

David Jones MP for Clwyd West, an internet troll.

David Jones MP for Clwyd West, an internet troll.

Jones has a filthy big secret he is desperately trying to keep under wraps, I have alluded to this secret previously on this blog but because of his connections and for legal reasons I have so far been unable to publish the facts surrounding the perverse behaviour of this disgusting little man, that shall not be the case for much longer.

Although this post may give the impression that I support the actions of the people who carried out the raid on Gregory’s, and inflicted the damage to the vehicles belonging to the Roberts’ and Dylan Moore, I do not, I have merely written this post in the hope of pointing out the true nature of these horrible people and their association with North Wales Police and Freemasons alike, in addition I am suggesting that maybe Karma has been served, Karma that should have been justly served upon these horrible people by North Wales Police, way before now, but in the case of North Wales Police and their association with the fore mentioned people, we, their victims will never receive legal justice.