Waiting for North Wales Police

Ex disgraced copper Martyn Parmley

DC 1651 Martyn Parmley Bent copper Liar Thug

DC 1651 Martyn Parmley
Bent copper

‘Mr North Wales Police man I’m being harassed, I’m having people record me conning the VAT man and slagging of tradesmen, calling them crooks and druggies, will you please arrest the people responsible?, I mean to say, I’m a good guy, I’ve never done anything wrong, oh apart from illegally accessing the police national computer and telling lies about local residents’.

‘Sorry I forgot to say the Chief Cunstable, Mark Polin sacked me for gross misconduct, I’ve conned the VAT man & take all the cash jobs I can get’.

‘My business ‘Project Timber’ is a failure and all because of these people exposing my wrong doings’.

Project Timber Supplies North Wales Limited

Unit 4 Conway Road
N. Wales Motors Estate
Llandudno Junction
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 Richie Windmill 07 December 2016 07:09

Terrible, the owner ex disgraced North Wales Police copper, Martyn Parmley, has been recorded slagging off local tradesmen and conning the VAT man, not a pleasant character at all.

‘Don’t worry Martyn, we will screw them over, we hate people who tell the truth about us, our friend the bent MP for Clwyd West, David Jones and his Freemason mates will help’.

MP David Jones. Liar Fraudster Homophobic

MP David Jones.

‘Oh thankyou, I tell you what I’ll say one of them drove to my house and looked at me, you can arrest that person for harassment then & that Windmill feller he recorded me and proved I’m a no good lying deceitful corrupt knob head, but you know that don’t you, that’s why you sacked me’.

Don’t worry Martyn we look after corrupt people like you, remember Nigel Roberts, our informer, he got away with murder, thanks to us, look what we did for David Jones MP, we hid his illegal behaviour because he like many of us is a Freemason, just like his friend Dylan Moore’.

‘We at North Wales Police pride ourselves on harassing innocent people’.







The Chief constable for North Wales Police

Mark Polin is ultimately responsible for the actions of his officers, so why does he appear to ignore the partial way in which they treat people? he has allowed guilty people such as the MP for Clwyd West David Jones, to get away with appalling crimes, Nigel Roberts and Dylan Moore the same. He allows the unlawful treatment of innocent people for the protection of his corrupt officers and the fore mentioned people.

This man is  disgrace, but why is he so protective of such horribly corrupt people? because like him they are all Freemasons.

‘Thankyou Mr North Wales Police man, I will do you a great deal on fencing and railway sleepers and by the way do you like wine gums’?