The difference between Right & Wrong

Waiting for a knock on the door

It’s been just over thirteen months since North Wales Police last unlawfully arrested me and raided my home, since then I have blogged avidly about the corruption involving North Wales Police, the MP for Clwyd West, David Jones and most importantly the Freemasons.

Am I obsessed? yes I suppose I am, but not in an unhealthy twisted way, my obsession lies with the truth, I cannot understand how people are allowed to abuse their privileged positions in life, all for the protection of themselves and their colleagues, not just any old colleagues, i’m not referring to a work colleague, I’m referring to those people who have sworn allegiance to the brotherhood of Freemasons.

Before I was drawn into this situation, by situation I mean the mess that revolves around the carnage created by the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, a blog we have proved without any doubt, was authored by David Jones, the MP for Clwyd West, his friend of over thirty years, Nigel Roberts and his business partner Dylan Moore, I was oblivious to the power the Freemasons have over society, and how they use that power to manipulate our police services, our justice system, politics, freedom and most importantly the manipulation of others they use to protect  themselves.

Recently you will have read about the death of Gordon Anglesea, an ex North Wales Police chief and a high ranking Freemason, this disgusting creature was protected for many years from investigation or prosecution for abusing young boys, by his fellow Freemasons, many of who held/hold high ranking positions within North Wales Police the CPS and the courts, how can I be so sure?

This article alone will help the reader understand exactly that:

Pride's Purge

Freemasons delete webpage on paedophile Gordon Anglesea’s libel judge

Convicted paedophile, police superintendent and freemason Gordon Anglesea is dead.

in 1994, Anglesea was famously awarded £375,000 in libel damages against four media organisations who presciently linked Anglesea to allegations of child abuse by suggesting he had been a regular visitor to the infamous Bryn Estyn children’s home in North Wales.

But the libel judge – Sir Maurice Drake – gave a monstrously biased summing up in favour of Anglesea, in which he said:

“Experience in the courts shows that where men and women, boys and girls make complaints of sexual assault they do sometimes make up stories, either completely or exaggerate some incident out of all proportion so that it no longer bears any relationship to the truth.

“And of course a complaint that someone has sexually assaulted you is comparatively easy to make up and difficult to rebut. It is the nature of a sexual complaint that no one else is likely to have seen it.”

It turned out – unsurprisingly – that Justice Drake was, like Anglesea, a freemason.

Which is probably why the Provincial Grand Chapter of Hertfordshire has deleted all references to him being a member:


Until recently, the Chapter even had a page eulogising Drake as one of their leading members:


The page has been deleted – although an archived version can still be seen, at least for the time being.

Perhaps there should be an investigation made into connections between VIP child abuse and the freemasons.

If investigators could be found who were guaranteed to be free of connections to the Freemasons themselves that is.

A tall order in the UK.


As soon as Anglesea was found guilty, a verdict which would have been heard years ago had it not been for the fact Gordon Anglesea was a Freemason, the society of Freemasons sought to distance themselves from Anglesea by deleting his successful liable case against four media outlets back in the 90’s, the reader may note that the   libel judge – Sir Maurice Drake, was himself a senior Freemason, coincidence maybe? absolutely not.

In 2011 David Jones the MP for Clwyd West used his Masonic connections to try and close North Wales Recovery, his motivation was because the owner of that business at that time had employed the services of a reputed private detective, ‘Mr Michael Naughton’, of Lewis Legal, to discover the identities of the people who were authoring the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, a blog that had decided that North Wales Recovery were, shall we say, bending the rules to keep the very lucrative police contract.

What was the motivation behind the authors of that blog? simples, David Jones is a Freemason and was the main author to that troll blog, a fellow Freemason, ‘Mr Leigh Bowden’ the owner of LNS Recovery at St Asaph, had approached Jones asking for his help in winning the police contract when it came up for renewal.

Jones with the help of his fellow author to that blog and Freemason, Nigel Roberts set about a campaign of destruction against North Wales Recovery, they did everything they possibly could to besmirch the reputation of the owner, in an attempt to sway the decision makers against re issuing North Wales Recovery the extremely lucrative police contract, when that appeared to have not worked they attacked his family, they even resorted to mocking his sister who unbeknown to them had been suffering from Alopecia, (hair loss), not content with the facts Jones and Roberts published comments which mocked her supposed cancer.

The private detective conclusively proved that the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, was authored by Jones, Roberts and Moore.

Jones was incensed and decided on a coarse of revenge, he firstly contacted Chief Superintendent Simon Humphreys, of North Wales Police, a fellow Freemason, Humphreys immediately contacted Mr Naughton the PD and all but ordered him to leave Jones, Moore and Roberts alone, Jones the rat then went one step further and contacted a fellow Freemason who worked for VOSA, (Vehicle and Operator Services Agency), VOSA were then ordered to investigate North Wales Recovery, their motivation was because a member of the public had complained about NWR, and implied they were operating illegally! No such complaint existed, it was a fabrication implemented by David Jones MP.

VOSA paid a visit to NWR just before Xmas that year, NWR were temporarily closed down and the police contract suspended, while VOSA and now the VAT man (another fabrication on Jones’ part) thoroughly investigated the goings on at NWR, this took two weeks and nearly brought the business to its knees, which would have caused the loss of jobs to NWR’s many employees, not that David Jones or anyone he was associated with gave a damn, all Jones cared about was hiding the truth behind his internet trolling and protecting the interests of MR Bowden, a fellow Freemason, and of course revenge.

Two weeks after VOSA and the VAT man visited NWR there was nothing discovered that remotely indicated any wrong doing on the part of NWR, its owners or employees, the police contract suspension was lifted and NWR were able to operate as normal.

David Jones had hedged his bets and thought by fabricating a story which enables the VAT man and VOSA to investigate NWR, they would unearth something untoward, this is a trend with David Jones, he did the same to my family and I on the 7th of October last year, Jones with the help of his fellow Freemasons mates within North Wales Police (DS John Hanson & DCC Gareth Pritchrad), fabricated a story that enabled North Wales Police to arrest my wife, myself and raid our home, confiscating all our goods including our children’s toys.

Exactly seven weeks later and after we had conclusively proved our innocence, our goods were returned, some damaged and no further action was taken, we are now suing North Wales Police, Jones on the other hand and along with Nigel and Wendy Roberts, Dylan Moore and Mark Bonsall, all of who were proved to have lied in official police statements enabling our false arrests etc, have never been punished for their despicable lies.

Its worth remembering that when we win our case against North Wales Police and win we will, it is you the tax payer who will foot the bill, not North Wales Police, not Nigel and Wendy Roberts, not Dylan Moore or his wife Mark Bonsall, not the Freemasons and most importantly of all not the twisted lying rat David Jones MP, no you the tax payer, and until a reporter/investigator with the balls to get behind this true factual story of corruption and deceit, bringing it into the public domain, these horrible people will continue to wreak havoc upon the lives of anyone who has the guts to stand up to them.

Where is the Right in that?

6 thoughts on “The difference between Right & Wrong”

  1. Your speak of of your arrest and the confiscation of your property and for publishing the truth. I too suffered similarly again for telling the truth. Officers of my local authority the Cheshire West and Chester Council told the police I sent over 1200 emails to their solutions team, many of which they said were harassing; they also told the police I created a website and used it to attack my local hospital forcing the hospital to shut the site down. Five Months later the CPS confirmed I had no case to answer to – it confirmed none of the emails contained any malicious harassing content but astonishingly made no comment to the website. Shortly after the hospital provided me letters totally refuting those Council officers allegations – despite my formal complaints the Council refused to process my complaints claiming its officers did commit misconduct in public office and attempting to pervert the course of justice.

    I believe you and I were made subject to abuse of power but sadly neither of us will ever prove that fact.

    Robert A Pickthall

  2. Thankyou Robert,
    It is interesting to read of your experience, I will never desist in my attempts at revealing the truth about the matters concerning my family and myself, I sincerely believe that through persistence I will expose just how corrupt these horrible people are.
    That may come about from my honest efforts or it may come about from the dishonest and manipulative efforts of the very people trying to shut me up.
    David Jones MP, has tried on five occasions to get me locked up, using his Masonic friends within North Wales Police to arrest me on trumped up charges, in the hope that I buckle or doing the same to raid my home in the hope they find something incriminating.
    In both instances they got it wrong and pulled away from any further action, could you imagine David Jones taking the stand against me in a court of law? No chance he would be ripped apart by my solicitor and eventually the press, the evidence I have on him and his friends is compelling, so I’m looking forward to what THEY will do next.
    Regards Richie

      1. Yes I’m interested to meet you, are you on Facebook? If so message me on messenger and I’ll pass my details on
        Regards Richie

        1. Hi Richie my Facebook account is monitored by Council and Police. Please email and I will respond by sending my telephone number – the less they know the better 🙂

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