The two Garys

The two Gary’s & the big reveal

When you play the big man you need the balls to back up your big mouth, in the case of Gary Plumb, AKA Gary Sky and Gary John Jones, neither have a backbone let alone the balls.

Gary Sky’s dirty den.

I worked with Gary Sky years ago, he was a cocky big I am, twat back then, a friend of mine use to work for his wife at the Maelgwyn pub, this friend left because of Gary’s illegal activities, activities ignored by North Wales Police officers that frequent the Maelgwyn, because good old Gary has been feeding them information about his clientel for years.

The story you will read soon on this blog, will shock North Wales, it’s a story supported by documented evidence that cannot be denied, but which Gary does it concern? you may ask, both Gary’s are lying devious rats but one is hiding a secret that will repulse the strongest of us.

So on behalf of this blog and Mr Creamers blog I would like to wish both Gary’s a very merry Christmas.