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Leading up to 09-09-2014 Guto Bebb had been attacked by the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ and not for the first time, but on this occasion the authors of that blog had gone too far, accusing Bebb of taking a bribe,  just like they had with other people, but Guto Bebb being the Tory MP for Aberconwy had the weight of his office behind him and was able to act more easily against the authorship of that blog.

Unlike us ordinary folk Guto Bebb did not require the services of North wales Police to do something constructive about the horrible people responsable for the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’. Bebb had the possibility of exposing that blogs authorship in the House Of Commons, without fear of reprisals, after securing a debate on the subject of internet trolling that is exactly what Bebb did.

Like many of us innocent people attacked by the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ blog, Bebb had approached North Wales Police during the summer of 2014, but despite his position North Wales Police responded to Bebb’s complaints in the same manner they had ours, “we don’t know who is writing the blog therefor there is nothing we can do”, this was the usual bullshit they had fed all complainants over a period of seven years.

In North wales Polices defence they had no choice but to stick to their chosen road of deceit and continue to deny any knowledge, they had after all used the blog in question to their advantage for years, they had protected David Jones involvement mainly due to his Masonic connections and protected Nigel Roberts and Dylan Moore because of the the useful information passed both ways, North Wales Police were up to their eyes in a very corrupt situation that was spiralling out of control, private detectives had been employed by some of the blogs victims, an action that had to be taken because North Wales Police refused to help, some of the other blog victims were left with nowhere to turn and had little or no choose but to take action themselves, investigating who was responsable for that blog.

Quite remarkably the same names were cropping up everywhere, Nigel Roberts the newsagent on Gloddaeth street in Llandudno, Dylan Moore  a partner at David Jones solicitors in Llandudno, other names such as Chris Drew were popping up here and there but the most startling of all was the MP for Clwyd West, David Ian Jones.

At a time when David Jones held the position of secretary of state for Wales a reporter and myself had proven that the three people most responsable for the poisonous troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar were Nigel Roberts, Dylan Moore and the secretary of State for Wales David Jones MP.

Its seems incredible to me now that over three years on, since I published our findings David Jones has still managed to silence the local press, what do we have to do to get an honest reporter to take this on board? what are they scared of?

Back to Bebb

During the summer of 2014 Guto Bebb was grateful for the help he was receiving from members of his constituency and beyond, into the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, evidence in abundance was supplied to him, evidence which proved that David Jones the MP for Clwyd West, his Tory colleague was indeed behind the smear campaign against Guto Bebb being regularly published on the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

Jones even had Nigel Roberts publish this:


Light hearted humour or a threat?

At a time when an MP needed help he got it in abundance, this help gave him the ammunition he needed to secure a House Of Commons debate which resulted in the national exposure of that troll blog and caused its subsequent closure. Bebb had beaten a man and fellow politician who had for some considerable time attacked not only Bebb but his family as well. David Jones MP, a master of anonymity, or so he thought.

Prior to Bebb’s Commons speech he had informed his AM counterpart ‘Janet Finch Saunders’ of his Commons speech and its content, a big mistake on Bebb’s part, but all the same the right thing to do.

Finch Saunders is a snake, her ambitions are such that she will use anyone to gain that next step up the political ladder, she is a liar and extremely manipulative. Without a thought for the possible repercussions she immediately informed David Jones and Dylan Moore that Bebb had every intention of naming Moore as an author to the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, and implying that Jones was involved as well.

David Jones arranged a meeting between JFS, Moore and himself, during that meeting they conspired to say that Guto Bebb had voiced his concerns with regards to Moore authoring that blog, in public and prior to his commons speech, this was their ace card which they would use after Bebb’s Commons speech, this would allow Moore the opportunity to challenge Bebb in a civil court of law, something he would have been unable to do had JFS, not been such a devious snake, so shortly after, this hit the presses:

Moore, gleefully challenges Bebb to state his claims about Moore outside of the House of Commons.

After a protracted meeting with Dylan Moore a meeting during which Moore threatens to sue Bebb if he does not retract his accusation about Moore authoring the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, using Janet Finch Saunders betrayal as his excuse, Bebb reluctantly issues this statement:

In my opinion Bebb bottled it, he knew and still knows that Dylan Moore is as guilty as Nigel Roberts and David Jones MP for the authoring of their troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

Shortly after Bebb’s public retraction I met with both Jones and Moore, I interviewed them regarding their involvement with the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, and came away with a cast iron admission that yes David Jones the MP for Clwyd West did author/contribute to the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ and I published the recordings, both in full and edited:

I then interviewed Ian Ralph, Dylan Moore’s computer tech:

During this and two consecutive interviews Ralph clarifies Moore’s involvement in the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

I met a few days later with Guto Bebb and presented to him my evidence, Guto Bebb stated he would consider retracting his retraction where Dylan Moore was concerned, unfortunately Bebb never has done and this has only sought to help Moore and Jones avoid further public embarrassment.

I may not be the brightest of men but I have had the foresight to record every single one of my conversations, these recordings will be made public once my action against North wales Police has concluded.

For a while I was perplexed not understanding why Bebb had changed from the champion of our cause full of fight to someone the complete opposite, then I got a phone from a source close to Bebb. I was asked to consider letting things be and backing off some what, I said no, why should I? after all I was in the right and besides, this was not just about my family and I this was about a large number of people who had all been terribly affected by the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ and its authors, why should a corrupt MP be allowed to get away with such appalling behaviour? just because he is an MP and a Freemason.

The source responded to my negative reply to the question asked by saying “this could hurt Guto and I’ll not have that”.

Clarity at last

Things started to make sense, by this time I had been arrested twice at the behest of David Jones, both arrests amounted to nothing as the claims against me were false, but things were starting to heat up. Then came the acts of vandalism to cars owned by Dylan Moore and Nigel Roberts, all this began to land on Bebb’s doorstep as he was our MP and had been helping our group, VOO, but with Jones bleating to the whips about me on a daily basis and the whips relaying Jones’ complaints to Bebb’s office I suspect Bebb was being told to back off and tow the party line.

Bebb backs off

On the 07-10-2015 I was arrested for the third time in five months, my wife was arrested for the first time ever and our home was raided by North Wales Police our goods and shackles seized.

A few days later  I received a phone call from a source close to the MP for Clwyd West David Jones, I was told that David Jones had been aware of the impending arrests of my wife and I, and the subsequent house search and seizure of goods two weeks prior to the 07-10-2015. The source also told me that Jones had contacted Bebb’s office and informed Bebb of the same, ten days prior to the 07-10-2015.

This was hardly surprising but concerning to say the least, after all I was only to aware that Jones had his sticky little fingers all over this, he had previously called Bebb and threatened to have my wife and I arrested, he was not at all happy with me recording the interviews I had with Dylan Moore and himself and even more annoyed when I published them, after all these recordings conclusively proved Jones to have been an author to the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, something which that lying creep still denies today.

I decided to check out the validity of the sources claims, so I telephoned Bebb’s office and asked the question directly, “was your office aware of the arrests against my wife and I at least ten days before hand and was it David Jones who informed you”? the reply was, “yes that’s what it looks like”.

Initially I was angry, I believed Bebb’s office should have warned me, but on reflection I can understand why they did not.

David Jones is a snake, he hates Bebb and would go to any lengths to compromise him, letting Bebb’s office know about the arrests and raid on my home was a devious move on his part. If Bebb’s office had informed me Jones would have used that information to discredit Bebb, of that there is no doubt, for want a a better expression David Jones is a shit.

Still had the boot been on the other foot I would have found a way to discretely warn Bebb, but there in lies the difference, I care more about my integrity than my position or career, I could never play with people live’s just to protect myself.

When I close my eyes at night my conscience is clear.

Am I angry at Bebb? no, at least he did try to help, albeit because at the time it suited him.

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  1. Rumours of a major fall out between Nigel and his old informant Fester, they are no longer Facebook friends no longer following each other on Twitter.

    On Fester’s hilarious Internet Trolls thread on TTF he claims to know the identity of an online be enemy and a confrontation is pending.

    Hugo makes this interesting comment

    ‘He’ of all people should know about the recent laws that have been introduced for this kind of thing’

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