Stephen Hughes

Police & Crime Commissioner Office North Wales

Last month I submitted this complaint about the Chief Constable of North Wales, to the office of the Police and Crime commissioner via North Wales Police website.

This is the response from Stephen Hughes, the chief executive.

Stephen Hughes

Typically I knew my complaint would go nowhere, but this response I find quite bizarre.

Hughes says, ‘during my enquires i can see that you have made an identical complaint about the deputy chief constable’, well to be pedantic it is not quite identical but is similar and justified. Hughes continues, ‘and a similar complaint about detective superintendent John Hanson’, Hughes is referring to the same John Hanson that refused to investigate the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ blog and its authors properly, to the point that he did not even interview the self confessed author Nigel Roberts, a known police informant. Hanson is now in charge of North Wales Police’s professional standards department. Says it all, that aside what my complaint about Hanson has to do with a separate complaint about the Chief constable despite some similarities, is quite beguiling.

Hughes continues, ‘The complaint about the deputy Chief Constable is awaiting assessment, So what he is actually saying is, we will sit on this for a while and then respond similarly. ‘but the complaint about Hanson has been investigated with no evidence of misconduct or poor performance found’, despite the fact that Hanson never interviewed Nigel Roberts, informed David Jones MP that his investigation into Jones troll blog the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’,would go nowhere and will all be forgotten about in no time, Hanson informed me that the slagging of disabled children is not an offence, and Hanson is guilty of conspiring with David Jones to have me arrested etc. 

Hughes continues,’as part of the investigation and appeal of your previous complaints you failed when asked several times to provide evidence’, this is untrue both myself and other members of the victims of Oscar group provided a mountain of evidence, evidence that was completely ignored.

Hughes continues,’This office will consider complaints very seriously but just as seriously we ensure that we do not investigate unsubstantiated allegations made about officers and staff.

So in my complaint about the chief constable Mark Polin I state these honest facts.

On October 7th 2015 my wife and myself were arrested for allegedly harassing the authors of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, David Jones MP, Nigel Roberts and Dylan Moore.
The proof of harassment was never established, prior to our arrests or after and the complaints were proved to have been orchestrated, something that I have documented proof of.
In addition to our arrests our home was raided, the reason for the raid and confiscation of goods was in the words of Inspector Emma Naughton, necessary to obtain evidence. This evidence never existed because no crime of harassment had been committed, something which has since been proved.Between 2007 and 2014 the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar was responsable for harassment, stalking, identity theft, threats of violence and much more, all of which is documented, complaints were made during that period to North Wales Police, North Wales Police said they could do nothing as they had no knowledge of the authors.In January 2014 PC Cawood of North Wales Police stated in an email to a member of the public who had complained about that blog, that, ‘North Wales Police had tried to prosecute the persons responsable for that blog but failed as they had no knowledge of the authorship’.
All this is documented and easily proved.
On 09-09-2014 Nigel Roberts publicly announced that he and he alone was responsable for the authorship and publication of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar.My complaint then was as follows:My complaint is two fold:

1, Given the statements of PC Cawood, Inspector Ian Verburg, PC1555 Lisa Jones and other North Wales police officers who had received complaints about that blog, saying they could do nothing about that blog, as they, the police, had no knowledge of the authors, why wasn’t Nigel Roberts arrested after publicly admitting he was responsable for writing and publishing that blog?

It is my sincere belief he has never been arrested or questioned because he was guaranteed protection from prosecution if he took sole responsibility, this would provide protection for the additional authors, David Jones MP and Dylan Moore and in turn keep from the public the involvement of North Wales Police, something that would not bode well, the first part of my complaint is that I believe the CC has deliberately covered up the truth behind this issue, and treated the case of Nigel Roberts and his internet harassment with bias, you cannot compare the complaints made about my wife and I and the reasons for our subsequent arrests and seizure of our goods, and the way in which Nigel Roberts was treated after he publicly admitted responsibility for the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, taking into account the complaints of harassment made against that blog over a seven year period and the huge amount of evidence presented to support those complaints, because there is no comparison.

Everything above is true and documented.

This next bit of my complaint I can only assume Stephen Hughes finds distasteful:

It is clear the CC Mark Polin has encouraged his officers to treat each incident partially, this is morally wrong and stinks of corruption.

2, The second part of my complaint is that I believe the CC was eager to shut me up because of my persistence in exposing the truth, he was encouraged by David Jones MP, to arrest me, It is my belief the CC sanctioned the raid on my home because he believed the police would find evidence linking me to the damage inflicted upon vehicles belonging to Dylan Moore and Nigel Roberts, the fact that my wife and I were supposedly arrested for harassment against the fore mentioned was merely a smoke screen.
If this was all about harassment, why then were the attending officers at my address ordered to retrieve the hard drive from our CCTV. This is all documented.
DS John Hanson encouraged David Jones MP, Dylan Moore, Nigel and Wendy Roberts and one other to complain collectively as this would give North Wales Police more ammunition for the arrests and seizure of goods. I have in my possession a recorded conversation to that effect.
The CC and associated officers have lied.

Hughes continues in his assessment of my complaint and says,‘based on the findings of my enquires I consider this complaint to be repetitive and a miss use of the complaints procedures and on that basis I am not prepared to record the complaint or consider the matter further’.

Of course he would say that, he will be aware my wife and myself are in the process of suing the Chief Constable for the above actions on the part of himself and his officers, he will also be aware that my complaints about the events during and leading up to the arrests of my wife and myself and the search and seizure of our home and goods on the 07-10-2015, that were subsequently investigated by Inspector Paul Jones, who decided that North Wales Police in all but one instance were not accountable, have been submitted by my solicitor to the IPCC for appeal.

So any admission on his part would only seek to support my complaints about Mark Polin, cleverly Hughes is trying to make it look like I am abusing the complaints procedures, which of course i’m not, I merely just won’t let this horrible corrupt situation disappear and  I will never give up and go away, because I am in the right.

So now I am submitting a complaint about him and his office and appealing my original complaint by submitting it to the IPCC.

North wales Police have tried enormously to shut me up, they have tried illegal arrests, an illegal home search and seizure of goods, they have committed some of these bullying tactics in front of my children, they have tried to intimidate my wife, my family, associated friends and myself. North Wales Police have followed me, had my phones bugged had me pulled over several times all in an effort to try and incriminate me or shut me up.

I do not care how long this takes, I don’t care if I’m judged to be a nutter, I know I am right, I know that the only way people like me can get justice is to shout and keep on shouting no matter what the cost, until someone listens or something breaks, if history has taught us anything it has taught those of us with the balls to persist and fight for what is right.

North Wales Police are corrupt

DS John Hanson did seek to brush the investigation into the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ affair under the carpet.

David Jones MP did author the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

David Jones MP did conspire with Hanson, Pritchard and others to have my wife and I arrested.

David Jones MP lied in official police statements.

David Jones used his Freemason connections within the ranks of North Wales Police to achieve all the above.

Nigel Roberts of ‘Sandcastles’ on Deganwy RD, helped author and publish the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ troll blog, he is a North Wales Police informant, he has lied in official police statements, he has stalked family’s including mine, he has intimidated various vulnerable individuals and is a nasty piece of work.

Wendy Roberts is also a police informant and lied in official police statements

Dylan Moore of David Jones solicitors did help author the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ troll blog and he lied in official police statements.

Mark Bonsall, Moore’s partner also lied in official police statements.

PC 1854 Gary James lied in his official statement of the time he interviewed me when Nigel & Wendy Roberts falsely accused me of violently harassing them, he lied four times to try and get me convicted of something I clearly did not do.

Inspector Ian Verburg lied to the all victims of the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ troll blog, that took their complaints about the same to North Wales Police, Verburg stated he had no knowledge of the blog or its authors, he did have full knowledge and this is all documented.

Ex Chief Superintendent Simon Humphreys, who was hurriedly retired in 2015 to keep his involvement with the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ troll blog and its authors quiet, he also lied about his knowledge of the same and threatened a private detective who had been hired to unearth the authors of that blog.

CC Mark Polin is ultimately responsable for the actions of his officers.

All the main protagonists in this affair are Freemasons.

The ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ troll blog and its authors were clearly guilty of many crimes which included violent harassment, identity theft, stalking of young children and various adults, violent threats against others seeking to unearth that blogs authorship, intimidation and theft, all of which is easily proved but ignored by North Wales Police.




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