The Police and Crime Commissioners office North Wales.

A biased office and a biased Police commissioner.

I submitted a complaint about the Chief Constable Mark Polin last month, I find the reply to that complaint completely unacceptable and although I am appealing that response via the IPCC I wish to complain about Stephen Hughes, Chief executive, and his refusal to record and investigate my complaint against the Chief Constable and his reasons why.
He accuses me of misusing the complaints procedures, which is completely untrue. he does so because of previous complaints I have submitted against other officers, some parts of those complaints contain similarities, I cannot be held responsable for any similarities caused by the actions of other officers.
The role of the PCCs is to be the voice of the people and hold the police to account, they are responsable for the totality of policing.
In this instance both his office and himself has failed, therefor making a mockery of his office in the first instance, and a mockery of the very people, ie me who elected him to afford us a voice.
Stephen Hughes is responsable to people like me.
By point blankly refusing to record my complaint he has acted unconstitutionally therefor in the second instance making a mockery of his highly paid  position.
If these are the kind of responses people like me with valid complaints are to receive then what is the point of having an elected highly paid person to be our voice when we/I feel aggrieved by the behaviour of the police, the very people publicly paid to protect us and uphold the constitutional laws of our great nation.
I would respect a more constitutional and responsable approach to this complaint.

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