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A message from Nigel Roberts, David Jones MP, Dylan Moore, Wendy Roberts, Mark Bonsall or any number of North Wales Police Officers

Below is the typical kind of comment I receive from the very people who had me arrested four times during 2015 on trumped up allegations, each time I proved these people were lying both in their official police statements and their accusations about me and what I was supposed to have done.

On each occasion despite their obvious lies none of them were punished by North Wales Police for wasting police time or committing perjury.

On each occasion I was proved to be completely innocent, but never received an apology.

When the author of this comment below says we have wasted police time, perhaps he/she should clarify how and why and answer the obvious question, ‘why were the people mentioned above not arrested for clearly wasting police time’?

Have the balls to stop commenting anonymously you bloody cowards.

Is must be quite comforting for these idiots to live safe in the knowledge that they can commit offences as they so please, safe in the knowledge that their Freemason colleagues within the ranks of North Wales Police ensure they are safe from prosecution, any other person caught lying in official police statements, known to be committing internet crimes or proved to be stalking family’s would be prosecuted, but not these rats.

Opps it is also useful being a North Wales Police grass is it not Nigel? you bloody coward.

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Awaiting spam checkAbout time you were both arrested for wasting police time.

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