Another nonsensical comment

These twats are predictable

You would think an MP, a solicitor and a privileged fat knob head would have better things to do with their time, but not David Jones the MP for Clwyd West, who since his appointment as a junior minister, (junior suiting his mentality), has appeared to be unresponsive, must be lingering after his gong the twat, Dylan Moore  a limp wrist-ed solicitor with the back bone of a jelly fish and Nigel Roberts, a retired teddy bear seller, a jaffa, a North Wales Police snout and fat waste of space with the courage of a cowardly grass, no these three and their partners are a deceitful bunch of conniving internet trolls.

Their latest comment:

Awaiting spam checkWell they’ve certainly seen through you !

These spineless arseholes will continue to comment using anonymity, gutless pricks, at least I have the back bone to put my name to my justified rantings.