Another Troll Blog

David Jones MP, Nigel Roberts twat and Dylan Moore limp wrist-ed arse have a new troll blog.

Guess who their targets are? you got it, my family, me and other members of VOO, same old offensive crap, same old respondents to their crap, ie E-Thug & Teddy-E-Bear etc.

No point reporting them to our so called protectors, North Wales Police, because they are about as useful as a used condom, they protect their own and that’s it.

So what do we do? screen shoot and make our own enquiries, our time will come.

Mark Polin is a prat he continues to protect these Freemason weirdos, well one day him and his corrupt force will end up with egg on their faces.

Walking Tall!

1 thought on “Another Troll Blog”

  1. Your letting them win when you write like this. All I see here is your bitterness and defeatism. You are going to lose your readership and supporters.

    I wrote the truth and suffered just as you are doing – I continued writing the truth and as a consequence I am subjected to High Court injunction and two high court restraining orders, plus the loss of my website and a 12 Month ban from creating a new site.

    Your better than this but if you keep writing like this you too will lose your website and likely be sued for harassment. Just keep on playing the long game – its the only way you will win.

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