Lying coppers

Lying coppers

Those of you that have followed this blog are more than aware that I have an extremely bad attitude towards North Wales Police and with just cause.

North Wales Police have arrested me four time during a five month period they arrested my wife and have raided my home, but you know all this so there is no need for me to re-hash those sordid illegal events, but it is worth mentioning that these events took place during 2015 after the exposure of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ & its authorship, namely:

David Ian Jones the MP for Clwyd West & Freemason

David Nigel Roberts retired newsagent, formally of the defunct Newsagents ‘Nigel Roberts News Agents’, Freemason and North Wales Police grass

And Dylan Moore of David Jones solicitors in Llandudno

All three of these horrible people were proven to have authored that dreadful troll blog but have yet to face prosecution, thanks to the continued support of the CC for North Wales Mark Polin, his assistant Gareth Pritchard,  SI John Hanson and various other junior officers, eventually all will out especially after my wife and I win our claims against the CC and North Wales Police.

My blog is taking a slightly different turn, I shall be filming and publishing North Wales Police Officers demonstrating just how corrupt and deceitful they are and the existent of their lack of knowledge when it comes to the law, I will also be documenting the illegal activities of David Jones MP, Nigel Roberts and Dylan Moore.

Naturally all my actions will be legal and beyond reproach.

My YouTube channel is ‘Conwy and Llandudno Local’.

In June 2014 I was illegally pulled over on the M56, the traffic Officer PC Owen Williams of Runcorn/Cheshire Police accused me of driving dangerously, I challenged him in court and won, he lied to get a conviction, the video below is reminiscent of the incident and clearly demonstrates just what a bunch of lying twats we have employed as police officers.


3 thoughts on “Lying coppers”

  1. It is the old case of get a conviction by any means! Perjury and truth are words missing from their vocabulary.

  2. Re The last article regarding a blog, you fail to mention the name of this blog,WHY? Also you refer to Dylan M… as limp wristed, yet you condemn David Jones for homophobic comments, surely you should practice what you preach!

    1. In reply to our anonymous friend,

      1, I did not fail to mention the name of the new troll blog written by David Jones MP, Nigel Roberts, fat lump and Dylan Moore limp wrist-ed solicitor, I simply did not mention it’s name in an effort not publicise their new troll blog, because after all that’s what they want. Their current readership involves themselves and their various aliases, their content is the usual offensive rubbish attacking my family and myself.

      2, limp wrist-ed is not a homophobic expression, merely an expression of a person character as perceived by another.

      For your uneducated digestion, the definition below is straight from the Collins Dictionary. I would be more concerned if I were you, as to why you perceive the expression, limp wrist-ed to be a homophobic expression, I certainly wouldn’t have perceived it to be so.

      adjective Informal
      a term of mild contempt
      weak; soft; ineffectual
      Webster’s New World College Dictionary, 4th Edition. Copyright © 2010 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. All rights reserved.

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