Meet Dave

This is Dave

Dave is a politician

Dave is a Freemason

Dave used to be secretary of state for Wales

Dave was sacked

Dave authored the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ anonymously

Dave was found out

Dave thinks gay couples incapable of providing a safe environment to raise children

Dave calls disabled people liars

Dave is covertly recorded lying

Dave promises to have my wife & myself arrested

Dave gets caught fiddling £81.000

Dave used his Freemason Palls to protect him from prosecution for his unlawful activities

Dave anonymously trolls David Cameron

Dave accuses me of affecting his chance for re-election by publishing the truth about him

Dave conspires with his Freemason palls in North Wales Police

Dave is not at all nice

Dave is an onanist

Dave is a liar

Dave has no conscience

Dave thinks he is in the clear

Dave is not

David Jones MP for Clwyd West, an internet troll.

Dave is everything a good human being is not

Dave Wikipedia page is kept updated


In 2013 it was reported that Jones took a chauffeur-driven Jaguar on a journey of about 100 metres.[15]

During an interview on ITV Wales Face to Face programme, discussing the recent Parliamentary vote on the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill on 5 February, Jones said, “I was one of two cabinet ministers who did vote against it and it was for various reasons. Certainly in constituency terms, I felt that overwhelmingly the constituents of Clwyd West were opposed to the change. But also I regard marriage as an institution that has developed over many centuries, essentially for the provision of a warm and safe environment for the upbringing of children, which is clearly something that two same-sex partners can’t do. Which is not to say that I’m in any sense opposed to stable and committed same-sex partnerships”.[16] The gay rights organisation Stonewall, which in 2010 had given Jones a score of 14% in favour of lesbian, gay and bisexual equality,[17] issued a statement expressing great sadness about his comments.[18]

In 2014 Jones was accused by fellow MP Guto Bebb of being co-author of the blog “Thoughts of Oscar”.[19] Jones denied having anything to do with the blog, for which local newsagent Nigel Roberts claimed full responsibility. Richie Windmill, the leader of the “Victims of Oscar” action group, was arrested in October 2015, along with his wife, on suspicion of harassment an allegation made by David Jones, Nigel Roberts and Dylan Moore, all of who authored the poison pen style troll blog, Thoughts of Oscar, but were released without charge. They claimed the arrest was an act of revenge for exposing David Jones MP/Freemason, as a major contributor/author to the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar and using his masonic connections to manufacture their arrests.[20]

Jones was also revealed as the owner of a Twitter account in which the actions of prime minister David Cameron were heavily criticized in early 2016.[21]

Dave is dirty

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