Meet Nigel

This is Nigel

Nigel is a close friend of Dave’s

Like Dave Nigel is an internet troll

Nigel Like Dave is a Freemason

Nigel like Dave is a liar

Nigel is a police informant

Nigel Roberts is a child stalker

Nigel lies in official police statements

Nigel commits perjury but North Wales Police do not prosecute him

Nigel published the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’

Nigel and Dave create new troll blogs

Nigel is married to Wendy

Nigel and Wendy Roberts publishers of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ and North Wales Police informants.

Wendy is also a troll

Like Nigel Wendy is also a liar

Nigel is very sad

Nigel’s troll blogs are his children

Nigel loves to play with his children

Nigel uses his children to spite real adults and children

Nigel feels elated while he trolls

Nigel’s children have children, they are given names like E-Thug & Ted-E-Bear

Nigel’s imaginary grandchildren are used as respondents for the articles he publishes on his troll blog, to taunting other people

Nigel’s favourite respite is the Priory

Nigel has serious mental health issue’s

Nigel needs help

Nigel is not at all nice