Safety first, but not in North Wales

North Wales Police Just keep Giving!

An accident on Maesdu road in Llandudno attended by an ancient North Wales WPC, does not think to use her emergency lights, her hazard lights, her left hand indicator or more importantly her emergency triangles to warn other motorists on this very busy link road, of the accident, instead this idiotic twat blocks the road causing cars to have to swerve in the direction of on coming traffic.

The Freemason, Chief Constable of North Wales, Mark Polin, must be so proud of his incompetent officers, and like the PCSO Chris Perkins, who attacks autistic children, Mark Polin will probably give this idiotic WPC an award.

Here’s good old Mark appearing competent for the cameras, Freemason cock.

North Wales Police’s finest idiots

Before you lying piggies say anything to defend her, she had been there sometime by the time this picture was taken.

North Wales Police and their idea of safety first

I would just like to say a big thanks to…..well you know who you are.