This North Wales Piggy

This North Wales Piggy

didn’t go to market

didn’t go to town

this little piggy went to Tesco’s

While on duty and using a public paid for vehicle this little piggy went to Tesco’s for his breakfast as he does quite often.

This little piggie went to Tesco’s for breakfast while on duty

Using ‘Nigel Roberts’ vernacular, this info was ‘sent in by a friend of the blog’, in fact many ‘friends of the blog’ are now providing the blog with very interesting facts regarding North Wales Police and their inept, corrupt, unprofessional and illegal actions, actions that are paid for by you and me, the tax payers.

One might enquire as too the reason why so many ‘friends of the blog’ are assisting me in my endeavours? the answer is simple, I’m not the only person in this area who is pissed off by North Wales Police harassment, North Wales Police officers and their illegal actions, North Wales Police officers abusing their position and North Wales Police officers lying.

The following was sent in by a ‘friend of the blog’ on mid March:

Don’t know if u can make anything of this! Last Saturday in Tesco having breakfast with my two son’s, a police officer comes in for his breakfast. Parks his yellow coat on back of chair. When leaving he took his tray to the dirty crockery rack and walked out of the store, leaving his jacket behind. Any one could have taken it! One chap noticed his error and gave the coat to the Cafe staff. About 20 minutes later the officer returned and picked up his coat. Just shows what idiots they are. And why can they use Tesco Cafe and make other punters feel uncomfortable?

More to come on the Tesco’s piggy soon.