In the dock

The MP for Clwyd West

Now then Now Then Now Then

David Jones

Did he get more than a fix it gong?

Or was he a giver a joiner or a friend?

He loves trolling

He loves anonymity

He is definitely cottupt

He is a Freemason

A precedent  has just been set for people in supposed positions of,  ‘I’m untouchable because I’m a Freemason’  like him, now let’s see what the powers that be will do!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “In the dock”

  1. Are you seriously asking people to believe that a serving Tory Minister, someone currently charged with a leading role in securing the UK’s departure from the European Union, engaged himself in a campaign of harassment against some nobody from a Council estate in Llandudno!!!!! Time to give it up Richard, it’s not healthy.

  2. Are you seriously that naive that you (Mr pseudonym) believe that just because someone is in an MP, in junior ministerial position that they would not troll, lie, pervert the coarse of justice, harass and defame, cause if you are its not healthy.

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