The three trolls

David, Nigel & Dylan

Recently I blogged about the new troll blog being authored and published by the MP for Clwyd West, David Jones, Nigel Roberts and Dylan Moore, I didn’t name their blog or provide any links to it, promoting the wretched thing is the last thing we need, we being their targeted victims.

Bless them, frustration has kicked in, down to the lack of readership and the no response’s from the likes of me, so they have become more personnel and vindictive in their vile posts to try and gauge a reaction.


It’s not going to happen boys, no matter haw many times you lie about my family, myself and other members of VOO.

I screen shoot everything, but refuse to go to North Wales Police for help, we all know where that will get me, instead i gather evidence that can be used at a later date.


The ironic thing is these three internet menaces have provided North wales Police with information about many individuals, that’s what informants do, but they continue to attack PC Mike Smith and his family.

In 2011 PC Smith conducted an investigation into the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, after its authors had targeted his wife and children, his investigation concluded that at the very least Nigel Roberts was publishing that blog, he delivered his findings to his immediate superior, Inspector Ian Verburg, unaware that Verburg was fully aware that the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ was written and published By the MP for Clwyd West David Jones, Nigel Roberts and Dylan Moore.

Verburg was given a free pass to use that blog to muddy the reputations of individuals North Wales Police were finding difficult to obtain convictions against, in return Verburg and his colleagues provided protection to that blog and it’s authors, a satisfactory arrangement all round.

After receiving PC Smiths report Verburg played along and authorised a visit to Nigel Roberts Newsagents to give Roberts an ‘Osman warning’, about his behaviour, this was deemed enough to keep PC Smith satisfied, but ensured that PC Smith was kept unaware of the involvement with that blog by his superiors.

Roberts took the visit and consequent slap on the wrist personally and went on the attack, whenever, however and using whatever, Roberts, Jones and Moore  published nasty articles about PC Smith his wife and his children, they even went on to attack PC Smiths father who is a well repected Llandudno PCSO.

Their campaign against PC Smith and his family continued until that blog was forced to close, but that didn’t stop them from using their new blogs to resurrect their campaign of hatred toward PC Smith and all members of VOO.

A warning

Internet trolls are like heroin addicts, paedophiles and chronic alcoholics, they need a fix to sate their sickness, unfortunately for the likes of Roberts, Jones and Moore their hands had become tied.

After conducting a relentless campaign of hatred toward members of VOO and their families, who had reported all incidents to North Wales Police, North Wales Police had to do something.

No, don’t looked so shocked, North Wales Police didn’t professionally investigate Roberts, Jones and Moore, North Wales Police didn’t raid their homes or business premises to obtain evidence, they saved that behaviour for me,

North Wales Police tentatively asked the MP for Clwyd West, David Ian Jones, Nigel Roberts and Dylan Moore to please, stop publishing false, harassing information about members of VOO, until they the police could find a way of dealing with us themselves.

The one thing the Chief Constable of North Wales Police, Mark Polin, fears the most is someone spilling the beans on just how involved with the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ and its authors they were and still are.

If David Jones. Nigel Roberts or Dylan Moore were to be exposed for their internet trolling and the level of hatred and lies they have cast about others, these three would not hesitate to take other people down with them, in addition and more importantly it would cause yet another scandal for the Freemason Masonic order, an order that is steeped in corruption, greed and paedophilia, at the highest level.

The chief constable is a Freemason as is the assistant chief constable, the officers involved with the mickey mouse investigation into the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar are Freemasons, DS John Hanson for example and unsurprisingly the MP for Clwyd West David Jones, Nigel Roberts and Dylan Moore are Freemasons, although rumours have it that Nigel has left the order as he found some of their strange initiations somewhat uncomfortable.

PC Smith

I intimated earlier that internet trolls were not unlike  heroin addicts, paedophiles and chronic alcoholics, they need a fix, as is demonstrated by the frustrated Nigel Roberts in this recent tweet:

Roberts is not content with threatening Tom Davidson, a reporter with the Daily Post, but he also threatens a ‘Local Bobby’ a threat aimed directly at PC Mike Smith.

This twitter account was closed after I reported Roberts to twitter for trolling again.

David Jones MP, Nigel Roberts and Dylan Moore will continue with their perversions until somebody with the balls employed in a UK police force, says enough is enough, or a reporter not easily scared by threats from Masonic connections, takes this factual story, investigates it and publishes the truth of this sordid affair.