Election time, vote Tory!!!!!

Forth coming general election

Typically the Tories are hedging their bets, calling a snap election at a time when so many are divided politically.

Is Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party the party the UK needs at a time of heightened tensions, especially where immigration is concerned? That would be my only concern, I’m of the belief that we have to control immigration with a much tighter reign, but apart from that I believe that a left wing government will bring hope and security to a nation that has been ripped apart by the Tories, a nation that will surely lose it’s NHS service, a service that is being systematically dismantled before our eyes, in a fashion that would convince the electorate that its demise is down to its own failings.

This is of course a complete falsehood, for years the NHS has been overloaded with middle management, a situation that is costly and completely unnecessary, there was a time not so many years ago when a ward matron managed all aspects of his/her ward, even the doctors refused to challenge matron, matron was efficient, professional and in control and each ward matron answered to the hospital manager.

There was a time when governments didn’t waste millions of tax payers pounds on a regular basis, on NHS re-structuring.

There was a time that millions of pounds weren’t spent on courses that are farcical, for example a course on how to wash your hands.

Our NHS service can easily be made to be a more productive service, a more cost effective service and once again the envy of the world, but that will never happen as long as we are governed by people who are obsessed with, business, global corporations, profits and their own self importance, instead of concerning themselves with affordable health care for all, with poverty, with childcare, with mental illness, disability, education, and social harmony.

Jeremy Corbyn’s government is the only answer at this moment in time, it will secure our NHS for the long term, his government will prioritise families living in poverty, his government will implement a new and urgently needed era of social housing, his government will concentrate on education in a way that doesn’t focus on targets and money, instead providing education in a much more simpler and workable fashion and his government will look after the working man and woman first.

Theresa Mays Government will prioritise the looking after of global corporations, big business, greedy bankers, tax havens, selling off the NHS, to the corporate sector, who in turn will charge excessive amounts for treatments only affordable to those that have.

May’s government will argue that health insurance is the way forward, its not, in most cases your average health insurance policy barley covers the basics, and even if it does cover the cost of the treatment you need, you will have to pay for your treatment up front before hand, then claim it back from your insurance company, which will try to wriggle out of paying.

Why do you think so many individuals who live under such a system have to re-mortgage or sell their homes to afford the treatments they need, even though for years they have paid massive insurance premiums to protect them from such eventuality’s.

If this is the the future you want then vote Tory.

Mays government will continue the dismantling of our benefits system, a system that barely helps those that really need it anymore, Mays government will argue that many of us abuse that system, which to some extent is true.

What Mays government won’t tell you is how her MP’s abuse the expenses system, a system set up for MP’s to claim back legitimate costs they lay out in order to full fill their obligations as an MP.

Many MP’s rent out their second homes, second homes which are paid for by you and me, many MP’s fiddle their expenses to such an extent that the system itself is the most abused in the UK, May will not criticise or punish the MP’s that show up at government chambers, for a few minutes,  so they can collect their £300.00 daily allowance.

You can always vote Independent, Liberals or UKIP, all that will achieve is a lessor Labour vote and probably resulting in a Tory win.

Even if, like me, you do not agree with everything Corbyn stands for, look at the bigger picture.

This is our children’s future we are playing with, our grandchildren’s future, unless you are one of those fortunate enough not to have to worry about money and you have no social conscience then the future for the working man, woman and family is extremely grim.

Vote Labour

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  1. Whether one agrees with the Blogger’s comments or not, it is certain that many MP’s do not deserve re-election. Amongst these is the MP for Clwyd West, David Ian Jones whose public antics over the past few years leave much to be desired. Most has been reported on this Blog so does not need repeating by me.

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