North Wales Pigs

After the way my family and I have been treated by North Wales Police, and because I have had the balls:

My family and I have been subjected to, orchestrated harassment, arrests, house raids and violation of our human rights.

And all because North Wales Police, the MP for Clwyd West, David Jones, the Police informants Nigel & Wendy Roberts & Dylan Moore, plus their Freemason allegiances, are afraid of their disgusting corrupt internet behaviour being made public.

People we know, publicans and shop keepers, who know a lot about these snakes, these corrupt weessels, that will walk over anybody who dares to stand up to them, that will damage innocent folk like my family and I, haven’t the balls to stand up and tell what they know, what they have heard, because all their interested is in is, their own little bubbles, fuck you mate, I’m all right.

See these things:

They are pigs, with fucking great big bollocks, the only difference between these lovely porkers and you week wankers, and North Wales Coppers is, they have fucking big balls.

you useless, gutless, slugs, that could help, are pathetic, bloody pathetic, you know who you are, so grow a pair and help us, the people with big:

To do what’s right and bring these twisted ballless horrors to justice.

Food for thought! Just imagine if it was you or yours being attacked, being slighted, just because you said, NO, THIS IS WRONG.