Prime suspect

Its been about a week since Nigel Roberts car was vandalised, I’ve still not been arrested! In 2015 it was a matter of days before North wales Police arrested my wife, myself and raided our home in response to Nigel & Wendy Roberts cars being vandalised.

It is amazing the partial way with which Mark Polin and his merry men treat various incidents, just because Nigel & Wendy Roberts are North Wales Police informants who published the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, a blog that terrorised so many local people, a blog that North Wales Police used to their own ends, Nigel & Wendy Roberts have evaded prosecution and are protected by North Wales Police.

People like my family and I, who were deliberately targeted by that blog and it’s authors, are treated as criminals by North Wales Police because we have dared to stand up to this disgusting cover up, by North wales Police, this corrupt situation that not only involves North Wales Police, Nigel & Wendy Roberts but also a solicitor, Dylan Moore, the MP for Clwyd West, David Jones and the Freemasons.

So I’m waiting Polin for that knock on my door, or perhaps this time you will send in a fire arms team, backed up by ignorant plods, after all I must be your PRIME SUSPECT, and good old Nigel & Wendy get the kind of service reserved for VIP’s or Freemasons, oops silly me Nigel is a Freemason.

Unless North Wales Police have realised that in actual fact, Nigel & Wendy Roberts have upset  more people than members of VOO, that the likely hood is there is far more that one suspect and a hell of a lot of innocent folk out there this this horrible couple have terrorised.

Where will it end?

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  1. You seem proud of being the prime suspect?
    A very strange stance to take.
    Are your family proud of you ?

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