Good times bad times

And quiet times

My blog has been quiet for some time now, no particular reason, but quiet!

This next week is going to be interesting, on this blog I will be examining the forth coming election, revealing some home truths and exposing a big fat fraudulent liar!

In addition with the added good news that a big man I personally have great respect for is finally free from his unnecessary incarceration, I am looking forward to reading his extremely honest and informative blog,

I’m hoping he will start with the two Gary’s but who knows, maybe he has something more important for the moment, but what ever it is, it will be the truth and supported.

North wales Police are continuing to monitor me and mine, good luck to them, our day in court is coming, Nigel Roberts, and despite his busy week David Jones the MP for Clwyd West, continue to slag me and mine off on there new blog, amongst others, but hey ho, when police informants and Freemasons are allowed to have a free reign to harass over the internet what can we do?

Personally if I were in the shoes of certain people, I would be slightly concerned, and that is not a threat, just in case the bent plods under Mark Polin get the wrong idea.

Its good to be back!