David Jones MP, sacked again


David Jones MP

Sacked again!


This corrupt little Freemason lying worm has an outstanding record……for being sacked.

They gave him the job as Brexit minister as payment for all his arse licking during the Brexit referendum last year, that ultimately resulted in David Cameron’s resignation as Prime Minister.

Jones set up an anonymous twitter account to troll Cameron.

David Jones is an evil bitter little man than puts himself out to harm others that have sort to expose his alter ego’s!

I’m not referring to alter ego’s in the superhero sense, quite the opposite, Jones’ alter ego’s are rather twisted and perverse.

  • There’s his ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ ego, ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ was that troll blog that harassed and taunted many innocent people and David Jones was one of the anonymous authors who wrote it.
  • There’s his alter MP ego, the one that set up an anonymous twitter account to troll the last prime minister David Cameron.
  • There’s his ‘onward Christian soldiers ego’, the one in which he states, “I consult my christian faith before commenting on matters of importance or making many decisions”.
  • There’s his Freemason alto ego, that he uses when he needs illegal assistance from North Wales Police or the judiciary.

Lets clarify that:

Jones consults his faith before accusing same sex couples of being incapable to provide a safe and loving environment for the raising of children, https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2013/feb/15/gay-couples-children-welsh-secretary

Jones accuses a disabled ex service man, of being a labour activist and a liar, all because this brave man who served his country raised the issue of the wicked bedroom tax. https://www.morningstaronline.co.uk/a-913a-Tory-Welsh-Secretary-refuses-to-apologise-for-calling-disabled-bedroom-tax-victim-a-liar#.WT-BvPnyvIU

Jones vows to have my wife and I arrested and to cause maximum damage to our family, because I exposed him as a main author to the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

David Jones’ majority was reduced during this last election by half.

So even his loyal Tory voting constituents are getting wind of just what a low life snake David Jones really is, in 2015 Jones used his Freemason connections in North Wales Police to have me arrested for supposedly affecting his chance of re-election because I published this honest appraisal of him, http://conwyllandudnoblog.co.uk/2015/07/31/corrupt-mp-or-not/

That arrest proved to be illegal and for that and further arrests My wife and I are now suing North Wales Police.


David Jones is the most disgusting, deceitful, pitiful, little person I have ever had the misfortune to meet, I will be there to look him in the eye when he finally faces the music for all the evil atrocities he has committed.



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  1. No doubt there are plenty of people who will concur with yoursentiments and comments. Me for one, another person downtrodden by this excuse for a human being!

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