David Jones MP, I’m telling on you

David Jones MP the play ground tittle tattle

David Jones MP, smarting from his recent sacking is somewhat upset because somebody had been defacing his election posters during last weeks election period.

Jones with so much more time on his hands now, you would think would be out working hard for his constituents, after all his majority was halved and I know if I were in his shoes (not that I’d want to be in that perverts shoes), I would be working positively to turn things around, showing my constituents just how effectively I want to help, them, the very people that put me where I am today.

But Noooooooo, not David Jones, all he interested in is tittle tattling to his wretched Freemason mates, Chief Constable for North Wales, Mark Polin and assistant Chief Constable Gareth Pritchard, that he’s so upset about somebody defacing his election posters:


North Wales biggest tittle tattle

What a pathetic little twerp

If it were any other police service I would suggest that they would say all the right things to Jones but do nothing, but not the case with North Wales Police and their Freemason links to Jones, Mark Polin has probably already assigned a task force to deal with that horrendous crime, in response to Jones’ FILED claim.

Don’t forget how efficient Polin and his force were when during the 2015 election campaign Jones accused me of affecting his chances of re-election, for publishing the truth about him, truths which made him squirm, but all the same were true.

Jones informed Gareth Pritchard of a very obscure law, ‘article 106 of the 1983 representation of the peoples act’, for which Pritchard could have me arrested if it could be shown that I was lying in the article I published about him, David Jones.

Pritchard did not even check whether my article crossed the line or not, instead he tasked inspector Emma Naughton with the job of having me arrested and detained and in his own words published previously on this blog, he said the following:Inspector Naughton

This farcical accusation by David Jones against me amounted to nothing, cost the tax payers thousands and has resulted in my suing North Wales Police.

The point I’m trying to get across is David Jones MP is as bent as they come, he is a coward and cares nothing about anyone else but himself, low and behold anyone who has the guts to stand up to him, if you do be prepared for what my  family and I have had to suffer at the hands of his Freemason mates CC Mark Polin and Assistant CC Gareth Pritchard.

Just to make you smile

These are some of the responses to Jones’ twitter comment.


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  1. Richard, you must have the laziest solicitor in the world – you’ve been ‘suing’ North Wales Police now for about 3 years!

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