His knife his out

Ex-minister warns May against Brexit betrayal

It didn’t take David Jones MP and internet Troll long, to find a way of inserting his knife into Theresa May’s back, following his humiliating second sacking from a ministerial position in less than 3 years

When May sacked Jones he said: he will continue to support under pressure Prime Minister Theresa May.

Jones the sneaky little rat that he is has started to stick the knife in:

Writing in the Sunday Times the day before talks begin with the EU, David Jones says Theresa May should resist ‘siren calls from proponents of “soft Brexit” for continued UK membership of the single market and customs union.’

The Clwyd West MP warns that any such deal would be a ‘betrayal of trust’ and risk ‘a whirlwind of public anger.’

Guarded back stabbing, but back stabbing all the same.

As I have said before David Jones gave Cameron his ‘Full support’, after Cameron sacked him as ‘Minister for Wales’, then Jones set up an anonymous Twitter account to Troll David Cameron.

David Jones is fully aware that Theresa May is under immense pressure to remain as PM and she is very likely to face a challenge to her leadership in the coming weeks. Her most likely challenger will be Boris Johnson, the same Boris Johnson whose arse that David Jones, was so far up during the leave campaign of last year. Old Diddy Dumpkins thought Boris would be the one to succeed David Cameron, he was hankering on a major ministerial job as reward for all his brown nosing.

When Theresa May was chosen to succeed Cameron it was Boris who advised her to give David Jones a little ministerial role as a way of thanking Jones for keeping his booty clean. Theresa May didn’t want David Jones on board but conceded, to appease Boris, she did however take the first opportunity to sack the little worm.

In the coming weeks, David Jones will be buzzing around around Boris Johnson like a fly around poop.

Next, David Jones comes face to face with one of his victims.


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  1. Your jealousy spews out of your septic open wound of a mouth for all to see.
    Keep at it, your doing a fine job showing all the type of man you are.

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