The Three Little Pigs

North Wales Police Officers

Using publicly paid for vehicles to enjoy a feast at McDonalds in Llandudno, in uniform and while on duty.

Yesterday morning I noticed these two marked North Wales Police cars parked outside Mcdonalds on Mostyn Champneys.

Because there were two cars, I assumed that the officers were attending an incident, and didn’t think too much of it, but when 20 minutes later both cars were still there I took upon myself to see just what was what.

On entering the store I noticed this Officer in full uniform plus a high vis jacket, at the side counter:

Clearly receiving his refreshments, oddly I saw no exchange of cash and instead of queuing with the general public at the tills the officer was being served from the side where drive through customers receive their food etc.

Perhaps Mcdonalds have a policy to feed and water Police Officers FOC…..!

But where were the other officers? one officer cannot drive two public paid for vehicles, as I turned to my left there they were, salivating in eagerness of their free food and drink, oops did I say free, silly me!

So what is the policy on the correct use of publicly paid for UK Police Vehicles:

Driving and use of police vehicles
North Wales Police complies with Authorised

Professional Practice
(APP) which contains information to assist policing and has
established a local policy procedure to provide clear standards and
The Force needs to ensure that all officers and staff who drive vehicles
(hired, leased or owned by the Force) on the Force’s insurance, have
been appropriately trained, assessed and/or authorised in accordance
with legislation and nationally agreed standards.
All Force vehicles must only be used for assigned operational duties
and official police business. They must not be used for private or
personal reasons at any time.

Do these officers have a right to use official public paid for police vehicles for the enjoyment of a free Mcdonalds meal?

Don’t forget earlier on this year, I filmed this Officer speeding, then parking up in Tesco’s and buying himself a butty.

I reported this incident back in April this year yet three months later the officer concerned has still not been prosecuted for speeding or reprimanded for the misuse of a police vehicle.

Today I will submit a complaint against these three officers who are clearly abusing their position, but I know I’ll get the usual bollocks, “its been passed to our professional standards department”. Don’t make me laugh, this is a department run by coppers to police coppers and headed by the lying corrupt little toad, D S John Hanson.

3 thoughts on “The Three Little Pigs”

  1. I think you’ll find this is an NWP initiative cuppa with a copper to engage with the local community which some of us appreciate heavily..
    These guys put themselves in the way of danger every time they leave the station

    1. It’s very magnanimous of the police to have this approach, ‘cuppa in the community, I applaud it, but I was informed by the duty controller that and in his words “they had completed four hours of duty and were entitled to a break”, cuppa in the community is carried out during working hours, therefore is not part of an official break, and if it is on this occasion the policy of North Wales Police officers to fulfill the duties role of ‘cuppa in the community during their break then North Wales Police are breaking a vital part of employment law!
      Personally the response is typical when North Wales Police are caught with their pants down!
      I will be attending all cuppa in the community events here on in to see how many people trust North Wales Police enough to approach them in public, because not one single person approached the three police officers enjoying their freebees in Mc Donald’s yesterday!!!!!!

  2. I am reminded of the Police Officer and vehicle in Tesco. The Officer had a breakfast and manged to go leaving his hi viz jacket hanging on the back of his chair. He returned 20 minutes lated, red faced to collect it!

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