North Wales Police persecuting the innocent again


Today I put a post on Facebook highlighting the bullying of my autistic son, the events leading up to him being bullied yesterday and what he has had to put up with, from some of  his schools year six leavers.

I chose not to completely name the bullies responsible for yesterdays incident and those responsible for the bullying he has had to endure over the last few years, in the interest of child protection but I did give a hint as to their first names in the following manner:

H****y etc.

These individuals would tell my son he was crap at football and should not be part of the school team and  because he had joined Llandudno FC disabled children’s training sessions they would taunt him for playing with the retards, you get the picture I’m sure.

My son loves football, he will never be the best physically at the game because of his issues but he loves it and that is all that is important, these horrible bullies just put him down without any remorse or understanding and frankly they disgust me.

For some of them to come to where I live, where my son plays football daily and behave like this is deplorable.

Today I reported all those responsible, who I know represent Llandudno FC (they are often in there team kit or jacket whilst intimidating him), for yesterdays incident and the incidents leading up to it, to Llandudno FC, I also reported those individuals who play at Llandudno golf club to the same, I was able to speak with one parent and for this reason took the matter no further where he was concerned.

I was advised to report the matter to the police, but initially refused to, on reflection I did report it but refused to do no more than that, I gave no names to the police and made it clear that I did not wish to speak with them personally regarding the matter, I reported it in this manner in case there are further incidents in the future (all to often in situations like this the police turn round and say why did you not report the incident at the start).

Anyone who reads my blog will know I have not an ounce of trust or faith in North Wales Police.

Shortly after reporting the circumstances to North Wales Police my post was removed from Facebook by Facebook, as my post apparently violated the community guide lines I suspect it was the case of the truth hurting and that the victimization of an autistic child is OK.

As in the words of DS John Hanson when we spoke with him about the MP for Clwyd West and his co-authors to the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, who stated that “disabled children were a drain on society and their parents are selfish for bringing them into this world”, Hanson said “that might be offensive to you the parents but not to anyone else so therefore it is not a crime let alone a hate crime”.

So here we are again.



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  1. Not suprised. .the whole system is currently in need of a major overall
    But sadly you will not find any media jurnilst to take it on and if you did the boss of the media paper will most like be another freemason

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