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The definition

police professional standards

The ethical and legal duty and standard that a member of the police is taught and must apply and use in the course of duty of their work and being a member of the police in every job title and rank.

North Wales Police Professional Standards

The Professional Standards Department (PSD) deals with complaints against Police Officers and staff in North Wales in line with the Police (Complaints and Misconduct) Regulations 2012 and the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) statutory guidance on dealing with public complaints.

In addition, PSD will investigate misconduct allegations in line with the Police (Conduct) Regulations 2012.  The complaints process is overseen by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC).

If you think you have been treated badly by a police officer or police employee, you have the right to make a complaint – visit our complaints page for guidance on how to do so.

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Who is in charge

D S John Hanson, A proven liar, a Freemason, colluded with the MP for Clwyd West David Jones, to protect himself , Nigel Roberts and Dylan Moore, (all of who are Freemasons), from prosecution for the crimes they committed on their troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

Threatened to have me arrested if I did not back off from exposing David Jones as being an author to that blog, because I didn’t back off, he arranged not just my arrest but the arrest of my wife and an illegal raid on my home.

And he is in charge!!!!!

Inspector Ian Verburg, a proven liar, a Freemason, provided protection for the authors of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, lied to all complainants about that blog and his knowledge of its authors, he is Hanson’s underling.

The rest of the staff are either serving police officers or retired police officers.

What should happen when you make a complaint to North Wales Police professional department

Our aim is to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction as quickly as possible. It will be assessed and recorded before being resolved in one of the following ways:

Local Resolution

Less serious complaints will be dealt with by your local police station. This is the simplest and quickest way to resolve your complaint and provides you with the opportunity to speak directly to someone about your concerns; we will find out what happened, provide you with an explanation and offer an apology if appropriate. You will be asked to give your written consent to the local resolution process and agree an action plan.

Police Investigation

If the complaint is more serious or you do not wish to have it dealt with by local resolution, it will be formally investigated either by the Professional Standards Department or by an Investigating officer.  In very serious cases, the Professional Standards Department must refer the complaint to the IPCC which will then decide how the matter should be progressed.

What happens in reality when you complain to North Wales Police professional standards

Your complaint will be looked at by police officers, not an independent body, in time you will receive an outcome, in 99.9 % of cases your complaint will not be upheld and appropriate excuses for that decision will be thrust at you, each excuse will be cited and followed by a mind boggling explanation.

Why do we have police policing the police?

It is convenient for a police force to have its own officers examine complaints about themselves, as I have said 99.9% of complaints are not upheld, this shines a good light on the force but more importantly on its high ranking officers, those people that are ultimately responsible for the actions of their officers.

Why don’t North Wales Police have a totally independent body, not in anyway associated with the police to run its Professional Standards department?

The same reason we do not have a police and crime commissioner, that is completely independent,  Arfon Jones, who had a successful career with North Wales Police from 1978 to 2008 and retired in the rank of Inspector. This man used to drive the convicted pedophile, ex North Wales Police superintendent, Gordon Anglsea, to the homes where he abused young boys, this man is also a Freemason, as was Anglesea.

It is very convenient for North Wales Police to keep everything in house, they clean up and cover up their own mess and the unsuspecting general public never know any different.

Send in a freedom of information request, asking something along the lines off, Under freedom of information, i would kindly request,  how many complaints have been submitted to North Wales Police via the ipcc or your professional standards department over the last three years and how many of those complaints have been upheld.

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