Sic em Pigs

Sic em Pigs, by Canned Heat

Very appropriate for North Wales Police

The lyrics

every time you do your
do your thing outlaw
sic ’em pigs on you
feelin’ good have some fun
go down town but don’t you
don’t you wonder round
sic ’em pigs on you
watch what you do
watch what you say
if your on the street you better
play the game their way
sic ’em pigs on you
grab your guns
fire bombs to
city hall there gonna
gonna get you to
sic in them freaks on you

gotta get outta here
it’s too hot
fire bombs everywhere

are you looking for a way to serve god and country your chance has come. We are now recruiting trainees for the Los Angeles county serifs department (North Wales Police). If you are big, strong and stupid we want you. please call 626-9511 (For North Wales Police 101). remedial courses are available for the culturally deprived.