More concerned with his own position…..

Those of us that have balls

& those that have not…..

Back on 09-09-2014

MP’s & AM’s that had been affected by the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ all wanted to be seen to help its ordinary victims, members of

Guto Bebb and Darren Millar.

That is until David Jones MP and his Freemason friends started throwing their corrupt weight about and things started to get a liittle hot.

Mr Millar was a prominent victim of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’

Good morning Mr Millar

Between May 2015 and October 2015 I was arrested 4 times my wife once and our home raided,all these incidents amounted to nothing, but caused much distress to my wife, myself and our children.
Jones has seemingly walked away without any remorse, or more importantly, any punishment.
Earlier this week a Judge, Mr Jason Dunn-Shaw was removed from his position after being discovered as an anonymous internet troll, calling a person a donkey and another a bigot.
We have proved David Jones of being responsable for much worse, yet he has still avoided prosecution.
The sacking of Judge Dunn-Shaw has now set a precedent for people like him and Jones.
As you are a representative of the Conservative Clwyd West Association we would be grateful if you could raise our concerns about Jones with your elected committee.
We would respectfully request that the Clwyd West conservative association take an impartial look into David Jones’ internet activities, it is only a matter of time until Jones is held accountable, whether that be brought about by an investigative journalist or some other public medium.
When that eventuality is upon him, his disgraceful activities will undoubtedly bring scorn upon the Clywd West Conservative association, unless they were to be seen to act impartially sooner rather than later.
If you feel unable to assist us, in this matter, then I would be grateful if you could forward this email to someone you may feel more appropriate.
I have provided a few links you may wish to use as evidence to support our claims about Jones
Kind regards Mr Richie Windmill
Unfortunately we have received no response to this e-mail, it seems that those that could help are more concerned about their own positions and not those positions of ordinary folk affected by internet trolls like David Jones.